A fool and his money are easily parted


A good mate of mine in work (we’re both expatriated Brits working in Central Asia) is also, apart from being a good lad, a demented Southampton FC fan.

Like most Saints fans, he’s probably not happy with the position his club are now in – third tier – with minus 10 points in the bag before a ball is even kicked in anger. So, I’ve been ragging him about how the Seagulls will stuff his beloved team. He got so animated he has bet me $100 (US dollars) that Saints will finish above the Seagulls, the crazy bastard.

So, naturally I took his bet on, and I’ll be reporting on Saints here with almost as much interest as the Albion. We can lose our first three matches and they can win theirs 5-0 each and we’d still be a point ahead of them. He’s a game little twat, I’ll give him that.

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2 Responses to “A fool and his money are easily parted”

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