Stevenage 2 – 1 Albion (and a bit of Stuart Hall)


I signed up for Seagulls World last night through PayPal. I can only attend about six home games a season due to the fact I work abroad on a 9 week on, 3 week off rotation. However, thanks to World, I can now listen to every Albion game live on internet radio, as well as see the highlights and goals after. Good value for a subscription price of $34.99 a year (or so it seemed last night).

My plan on this blog is to commentate on and rate each and every game this season, either ones I’ve watched in real time or through the internet live matches. That way I can build up my own (very personal) view of how our season pans out (we’re going up BTW, believe it). I fully expect my readers (the two of you) to slag off every opinion I give on each game, in fact I relish it, as I’m a masochistic twat.

Expect my style to be more of the Alan Green/Stuart Hall moonbat variety, rather than the Motty/Andy Gray school. I will be wrong 75% of the time but I don’t care, as long as it entertains you both (and your dog)

So, to get a bit of practice in I intended on listening  to the Albion match away to Stevenage on Seagulls World, but the website had this to say:

“Audio commentary is currently unavailable due to technical problems at the Lamex Stadium”

Pretty lamex fooking excuse if you ask me, money well spent so far eh? I hope this isn’t a flavour of what’s to come on Seagulls World. But, I’m a pernicious bastard, so I sought out match coverage on the BBC Home Counties Radio iPlayer, but the bastard thing wouldn’t work either! I got that twat Nihal on Radio 1, and also Radio 2, 3, 4 etc, but no Southern Counties.

As a last resort I was stuck with the text commentary on the club’s official site. But Lo! At half-time the World coverage came online!!! So, here’s how it all went, you bastards:

Surprisingly our biggest signing of the summer didn’t start the game, the much maligned Craig Daaaaaavies got the nod ahead of Liam Dickinson. Apart from that, the back four looked like the strongest Russell Slade could have fielded. In midfield ex-Millwall player Dan Spiller got a starting place too. Dan Harding must be certain not to be re-joining the Albion, as he hasn’t featured in any of the pre-season friendlies.

A goal from Gary Hart at half-time cheered me up on hearing about it when coverage re-started. Good old clubman Gary. Listening to the World commentator (Ben Fletcher?) at half-time, when there’s no link between him and the BBC, but he’s still live online:

Fletcher: “God, I’ve got a headache now, it’s this equipment, it’s crap”

“I’ve got a serious headache now, I’m very calm, but it’s a headache”

No shit Ben, is that where our TV licence money goes to? More:

“I’m really worried about this equipment, it’s a new season as well. The one he had on Tuesday night didn’t work at all”

A penalty for Stevenage just 10 minutes into the the second half as Mark Wright brings down a diving Stevenage player, Graeme Smith’s first job is to pick the ball out of the back of the onion bag. Soft, 1-1. Dickinson a ghost for the first part of the second half, Stevenage playing very well, disrupting this new Albion line-up.

Sloppy defending and Stevenage score a soft headed goal. Jesus wept! I’m not enjoying this commentating lark. Shot by Dickinson, saved…….yawn. I’m putting the kettle on, five minutes to go and the golf is looking good on the telly beside me. Come on Tom Watson!!! Whoops full-time. Shite. I’m off to watch the golf.

Xenophon’s Albion Team Performance : 4 out of 10

Xenophon’s Albion Man of the Match : Gary Hart

Albion Team (goalscorers in bold):

(4-4-2) Kuipers (G Smith 45); Whing (El Abd 45), Elphick (Virgo 45), Tunnicliffe (Hawkins 45), Lynch (Livermore 60) ; Wright (Brinkhurst 60), Dicker (Crofts 45), Spiller (J Smith 60), Cox (McLeod 60); Daaaavies (Dickinson 45), Hart (Murray 45)


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