Mission Impossible: Buying match tickets online


I nearly had a coronary today over here in Kabul. I’ve been waiting all week to buy match tickets online for our first two home league games of the season. I’ve been logging in and out, you know kind of warming up for the big day when I can get my hands on tickets after a summer spent sweating my tits off at work with no football.

So, I log on just before 10am BST and the fooking logging in page has crashed! Typical, I asked the fans on NSC if they were having probs too, and stating the bloody obvious (not to me though) one tells me to ring the ticket hotline and tell them about my problems. I do, the seller tells me “We’re having problems”. No shit! Why today of all days???

Never fear, not wanting to run up a huge phone bill booking tickets by phone, I email my missus who works just off Queens Road in Brighton, and I offer her a pony to go and get me the tickets in her lunch break. She does, we’re sorted, and I still got the exact seats I wanted!!!!!!

South Stand, Block G, get it right up you Walsall and Stockport, bring it on!!!!

Look at my lovely Withdean tickets

Look at my lovely Withdean tickets

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