Jake Wright is a Seagull


Great news. Although Crawley Town fans tell me he’s a natural centre back it looks like Wright will slot into cover Jim McNulty at left back. The new signing played for us at Torquay and was man of a very poor match for us.

Hearts were the SPL club interested in signing him, and offered a lot more money for Wright, but he seems to like life in Sussex. Good lad!

Russell Slade has made quite a few signings this summer, pre-season has been poor, but the buck stops next Saturday 8th August.


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2 Responses to “Jake Wright is a Seagull”

  1. glasfryn Says:

    Jake Wright is a good find young,can play across the back, and he was right under our noses +he has not got to move.
    Maybe we can do better this season under RS, he certainly looks like he knows what he is doing and knows the type of player he wants ….now all he has to do is gel them together.


  2. xenophon19 Says:

    Hi mate,

    Yeah, going by the commentary on SW and what I’ve heard from Crawley fans, Jake is a great buy. Russell Slade is a canny man, I think we’re in for a good season, not great, but a good one

    Cheers for the comment

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