Albion 0 – 1 Walsall

Albion soak up first half pressure from Walsall

Albion soak up first half pressure from Walsall

Let me start by saying this was a game Albion should not have lost. Walsall are not that good a team. We threw away easy points today. Here’s my take on it.

We were a shambles first half, Whing had a bit of a ‘mare (not often anyone can say that about him). His own goal was tragic. Apart from Whing the back four looked ok, especially Jake Wright and Tommy Elphick. Some of our midfielders didn’t want to know – Thornhill was rubbish and I’m glad he didn’t come out for the second half. Crofts was ineffectual, as was Cox, and Navarro went from one extreme to the other with every passage of play he was involved in, that back heel he tried at the end alone should have earned him a thick ear in the changing room after the game. Up front Dickinson just would not jump for the long ball – why? Walsall’s central defenders had him in their back pockets and he dwarfs them in stature – can’t he jump?

Albion finally start pressurising Walsall's goal in the second half

Albion finally start pressurising Walsall's goal in the second half

The second half the team played well, it’s obvious Slade bollocks them at half-time then they try harder – maybe he should be bollocking them at 2:55pm and not 3:55pm every game. The 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 didn’t work out today for Slade, because as soon as he brought on Forster and Murray, thereby switching to 4-4-2, we looked in better shape and finally started threatening their goal.

Plus points: Jake Wright – solid, classy on the ball. Mark Wright – hard working, hungry and fast as fook. Elphick – solid and confident at the back, allowing Virgo to run up and down the park. Dickinson second half – held the ball well and made chances for himself. Forster – needs to start every game if fit, when he’s on the pitch the Seagulls are a different team. Kuipers – world class reaction save pushing the ball onto his own cross bar in the second half.

So overall a disappointing start to the new season, but no cause for any great alarm at this point (especially with highly fancied Norwich getting thumped 7-1 hoho!). That this Russell Slade team needs time to gel is obvious, the potential is there, the consistency needs to start showing.

Theview from Block G, marvellous, shame about the football

The view from Block G, marvellous, shame about the football

On a final note – what about dem fooking wasps in the south stand? Me and the trouble went for a burger at half-time and as I was finishing off mine on the grassy slope beside the stand one of the little bastards stung my right little finger. I haven’t been stung by a wasp in over twenty years. Good old Withdean by the sea!

The Albion subs warming up, this is two minutes after I got stung by a bastard Withdean wasp

The Albion subs warming up, this is two minutes after I got stung by a bastard Withdean wasp

p.s. I’m not going out on the piss tonight as I’m fed up, if it’s sunny tomorrow I’ll hit the seafront for a meal and a Jug o Pimms. Up the Albion!

Xenophon’s Albion Team Performance : 6 out of 10

Xenophon’s Albion Man of the Match : Tommy Elphick

Albion Team (goalscorers in bold):

(4-5-1) Kuipers; Whing, Elphick, Virgo, J Wright ; M Wright, Navarro, Thornhill (Forster 45), Crofts, Cox (McLeod 55?); Dickinson (Murray 60?)

League One Table
Saturday, 8 August 2009 17:04
1 Colchester 1 6 3
2 Gillingham 1 5 3

3 Brentford 1 2 3
4 Yeovil 1 2 3
5 Charlton 1 1 3
6 Leeds United 1 1 3

7 Leyton Orient 1 1 3
8 Walsall 1 1 3
9 Huddersfield 1 0 1
10 Southend 1 0 1
11 Millwall 1 0 1
12 Hartlepool 1 0 1
13 MK Dons 1 0 1
14 Oldham 1 0 1
15 Stockport 1 0 1
16 Wycombe 1 -1 0
17 Bristol Rovers 1 -1 0
18 Exeter 1 -1 0
19 Brighton 1 -1 0
20 Carlisle 1 -2 0

21 Tranmere 1 -2 0
22 Swindon 1 -5 0
23 Norwich 1 -6 0
24 Southampton 1 0 -9

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2 Responses to “Albion 0 – 1 Walsall”

  1. glasfryn Says:

    sounded like a better second half, and lets hope the newbies settle and gel quickly strangely I was quite upbeat after losing at home unusual!! probably I have confidence in RS to do the right thing theres only one way and thats upwards and onwards.
    think we might get a good result at Swansea


  2. xenophon19 Says:

    I’m not that worried either, it’s getting the shape of the team right – it’s looking like 4-4-2, we need Forster to stay fit too. I expect Dickinson to break his duck very soon, he looked sharp second half


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