Swansea 3 – 0 Albion


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The Carling Cup, brought to you by Walt Disney Productions. Sorry, but I’m not a cup man, I’m all league football. Ever since Manure decided they were too good to play in the hitherto prestigious flagship of British Football – the FA Cup – I’ve even less interest in cup games. The Carling Cup is about as exciting as one of Alex Ferguson’s slagfest press conferences. Now, if the Seagulls were to get within spitting distance of Wembley, I might get mildly enthused, but it’s the grind and struggle of the football league that really floats my dolphin.

That said, Brighton & Hove Albion are playing a competitive football match tonight, so I’m listening in on Seagulls Player, as duty must. It is another chance for this new team to get to know each other after all.

Finally get Seagulls Player online 8 minutes into the game. Albion playing Forster/Dickinson up front, 4-4-2. Worked better on saturday, not so good against Scunny in pre-season. 1-0 to Swansea after Jake Wright gets booked and the Swans score from the dead ball. Mark Wright dropped, strange decision. Still no Gary Dicker in midfield. Seagulls Player commentary goes off and now two Welsh twats are on there for Swansea. They’ve gone again, boyo.

Swans miss an open goal. Seagulls Player is absolute fooking wank, a waste of my fooking hard earned money. I’m just about to launch my laptop off the balcony. It won’t stay on for more than 2 minutes at a time. Oh great back on just in time for half bastard time.

Jake Wright taken off after a ‘mare marking Nathan Dyer, Whing moving to left back and El-Abd on at right back. Mark Wright on for Crofts. Once again Virgo and Elphick playing well at the back. Kuipers makes another sensational save after a short period of Albion pressure. 2-0 straightaway, Swansea are taking us apart on the break. I reckon we put this one to bed.

Murray on for Dicko on 65 minutes, still frustrating times for the big ex-Derby hitman. Nothing happening for us. Dead in the water. Swansea deliver the coup de grace in injury time, 3-0.

It wasn’t to be tonight, Swansea are a far better football team, get this Carling Cup nonsense out of the way, we all had a night versus Man City a wee while ago, big deal, Football League One is where it’s at. Bring on the Bees on Saturday. That is all.

Xenophon’s Albion Team Performance : 5 out of 10

Xenophon’s Albion Man of the Match : Tommy Elphick

Albion Team (goalscorers in bold):

(4-4-2) Kuipers; Whing, Elphick, Virgo, J Wright (El-Abd 45) ; Thornhill, Navarro, Crofts (M Wright 45), Cox ; Dickinson (Murray 65), Forster


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3 Responses to “Swansea 3 – 0 Albion”

  1. glasfryn Says:

    listening to this match nearly sent me to sleep,and I might stand corrected but I’m sure we did not even get a shot on target(do we need another striker I ask myself).
    I trust RS to get it right and maybe this season is going to be one that looks to getting the blend right ……..hope so


  2. xenophon19 Says:

    Our first shot on goal was on 56 minutes I think.

    Four words – Glenn Murray Gary Hart

    Hart’s injured but should get a chance when he comes back, Murray is a better player (so far) than Dickinson. It’s early doors and I think Slade will have us top half this season.

    Cheers for the comment

  3. Painting not decorating « The Hovian Says:

    […] the Seagulls slipped quietly out of the Carling Cup there wasn’t so much as a whimper from this website. But alas, all is not finished on the […]

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