A Night at the Races


So, I had my night at the dogs in Hove. Marvellous. After buying the booze and burgers I still came away £25 richer than when I went in. I got bored with the girlie Tote betting straightaway and hung around the proper fixed odds bookies at trackside, where the minimum bet is £5.

They're Off!!!

They're Off!!!

My mate and his Mum were there with us. His old Dad who passed away last year used to race around 4 dogs regular at Hove, so he knew a lot of the bookies and trainers very well. It didn’t stop him picking some right old poodles when it came to the races though, hoho.

Of the seven races that I bet on the nose, four won. Deano, my mate who’s Mum was there, bet on two of my winners as well. One dog, “Kylegrove Mentor” curled a huge shit out trackside before it was due to race. We ran down to Chas Miller the Hove bookie to bung a tenner on it – “It’s a lot lighter now, a dead cert to win!” It did, at evens.

Another winner at Hove

Another winner at Hove

The trouble won more races than both of us, but she was doing the tote and winning peanuts, just enough to keep me in Guinness, haha. But, it was a great night out, I’ve put a few pics and movies up of some of my winners, and a night at the dogs is indeed great relief from watching the Albion. The fact you can come away actually making money instead of grumbling about a losing Withdean match where you’ve forked out £50 for two wet seats makes it highly, highly recommended.

Statue of Ballyregan Bob

Statue of Ballyregan Bob


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