Huddersfield 7 (that’s seven) – 1 Albion


Tough one tonight. I have Huddersfield down as one of my picks for automatic promotion this year, along with either Charlton or Leeds. Anything better than a heavy defeat at the Galpharm Stadium will be a good result for us.

The Argus reckons Jim McNulty is in the squad for tonight, but according to the NSC (which I trust more anyhoo), Jimmy Mac is out and so is Glenn Murray (shock! horror!). And Seagulls Player is online a full ten minutes before the KO, is that a good omen for the Seagulls? Fairly boring first ten minutes, that’ll do us nicely, 0-0 would be a result. Scrappy, Virgo big and strong. Second corner for Albion. Navarro gives the ball away, El-Abd saves his blushes as last man, Kuipers gathers.

It’s good hearing the travelling support singing, good effort. Saints 1-0 down at Swindon, hoho, remember my bet at work? $100 for Albion to finish above Saints this year. Gertcha! Virgo is playing a captain’s game so far, I’m liking this Albion defence, even El-Abd is doing well. Need goals. Smith hits one over the bar. Fooking hell, Huddersfield break, cross, header, onion bag, first go. Jesus. Now the home team are going for it, this is where this Albion team has to prove their bottle. No excuses, goals please.

OUT OF FACKING NOWHERE! LIAM DICKINSON VOLLEYS A BELTER INTO THE ONION BAG!!!!!!!!! 1-1 SEAGULLLLLLLSSSSS!!!!!!! Within a minute, a fooking minute, Huddersfield go ahead again! No mistake this is a good Huddersfield team, and this is a cracking match. El-Abd makes a poor back pass, the Terrier striker cuts in, Kuipers brings him down, penalty, Kuipers sent off. Kuipers is incandescent with rage. Step up Graeme Smith, what a game to come into. Smith has been booked for picking the ball up??? WTF? 3-1, game over at half time folks. Christ on a bike.

Second half as expected all Huddersfield. Smith gets his first decent touch collecting a corner. Whing gives away another penalty, poor old Graeme Smith, this could be really embarassing tonight, I can barely watch. SMITH SAVES!!!!!! The big Scot does brilliantly. This is one crazy game of football. Smith is FLAIR, fastest booking probably ever, then saves a penalty. Plan B – keep the score down, hope for the odd set piece to nick one.

I need to STFU, soon as I say “Plan B” the Terriers score a fourth. 5-1 now, we’re ragged. Slade takes off Dickinson to give Fozzy a run out. Dicko is the only positive from tonight, perhaps Jamie Smith’s good run out before he had to make way for Kuipers’ sending off. It’s six, we’re being butchered here. This is hard to stomach, I never expected this result. In injury time Huddersfield stamp one last boot into the Albion’s battered and bloody face 7 (SEVEN)-1. Ah well, we’re still ten points ahead of Southampton. Goodnight.

Xenophon’s Albion Team Performance : 2 out of 10

Xenophon’s Albion Man of the Match : Liam Dickinson

Albion Team (goalscorers in bold):

(4-5-1) Kuipers (sent off 39); Whing, Virgo, Elphick, El-Abd; Cox, Navarro (Thornhill 75), Crofts , J Smith (G Smith 39), McLeod; Dickinson (Forster 70).

Subs: G Smith, Tunnicliffe, Thornhill, Dicker, M Wright, Forster, Davies

League One table

Tuesday, 18 August 2009 21:52 UK

Position Team P GD PTS
Full League One table
1 Colchester 3 8 9
2 Charlton 3 4 9
3 Leeds United 3 3 9
4 Huddersfield 3 8 7
5 Brentford 3 3 7
6 Bristol Rovers 3 2 6
7 Millwall 3 2 5
8 MK Dons 3 1 5
9 Yeovil 3 1 4
10 Walsall 3 0 4
11 Carlisle 3 -1 4
12 Oldham 3 -1 4
13 Swindon 3 -4 4
14 Gillingham 3 2 3
15 Southend 3 0 3
16 Leyton Orient 3 -1 3
17 Tranmere 3 -1 3
18 Exeter 3 -1 2
19 Wycombe 3 -2 1
20 Hartlepool 3 -3 1
21 Stockport 3 -3 1
22 Norwich 3 -7 1
23 Brighton 3 -7 1
24 Southampton 3 -3 -9

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2 Responses to “Huddersfield 7 (that’s seven) – 1 Albion”

  1. glasfryn Says:

    it was one result, a bad one yes.but everyone will learn from it we have had them before and no doubt will again.
    I trust RS to get things right he did last season and will this he is angry and people will have to pay.

    Stockport saturday and a good time to get things right


  2. stevie k Says:

    It might sound funny but I’m not that bothered about the 7 goals. We were going to lose this game anyway, I said as much at the start of this post. The good thing is BEFORE we went to ten men Dickinson scored at last and Jamie Smith may (just may) be the answer to our clueless midfield.

    I still think Huddersfield will go straight up, we will still be top half, and RS is the man to take us there. Stockport is my last game before going back to work, I’ll be there and I expect a good win.

    Thanks as always for your comments

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