You are having a larf Dennis


You couldn’t make it up, or could you? On seconds thoughts, yes you could. Read it here at the Mirror. Once we get relegated to League Two then Dennis the Menace will take over from a humiliated Russell Slade, with the irrepressible Gus Poyet in bed with him. Jesus Wept! What better incentive for Slade and the Seagulls to have a glorious season than have Den and Gus waiting for us next season if we don’t.



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2 Responses to “You are having a larf Dennis”

  1. glasfryn Says:

    the day he becomes the manager of the Albion will be the day my support will start to wain, although you never give up on the Albion employing him might just be the last straw for some.
    the reverse at Withdean yesterday won’t help the cause either but its only three games in and there where some good things to come out of that match
    PANIC no not until we are still in the bottom three at Christmas then I might and if the poisionous dwarf is in situe then I will start PANICING


  2. stevie k Says:

    I’d take Poyet and leave Wise out, ask any Leeds fan who the talented one was.

    Early doors, as you say, another month or two will tell us more about Slade – if Dicker is on the bench on Friday night I won’t be happy


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