Fancy a prawn sandwich at half-time Bert?

"Fancy a prawn sandwich at half-time Bert?"

Bit of a giggle at Upton Park last night, West Ham 3 – 0 Millwall. But who knows the real result outside the ground, between the ICF and Bushwackers? I’d put money on the Millwall firm. The funniest thing about last night’s telly was watching obese 40-50 year old Hammers’ “shirts” trying to run the length of the pitch to get at Millwall.

So, after the middle-class takeover of the game post-Fever Pitch, the working-class oiks prove once again that football fans can still be found having an “off” every once in a while. Prawn sandwich anyone?

Of course the Seagulls are visiting the New Den this Friday night, but I definitely won’t be there as I’m flying back to Kabul tomorrow. I expect there to be more police than usual at the game, even though it looks like West Ham were the real trouble-makers last night, inside the ground anyway. It could be a good time to play Millwall right now, a hard mid-week cup game with extra-time, a riot and a 3-0 defeat can play havoc with your confidence. Game on.


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