Painting not decorating

Action from last years Johnstones Paint Trophy Final

Top footballing action from last year's Johnstone's Paint Trophy Final

When the Seagulls slipped quietly out of the Carling Cup there wasn’t so much as a whimper from this website. But alas, all is not finished on the Mickey Mouse Cup front just yet. For now we have the mother of all Walt Disney productions – the unfathomably pointless Johnstone’s Paint Trophy. This is the annual reminder for those clubs dwelling in the lower two Football Leagues of just how shit they really are. I mean I’ve never even seen a tin of Johnstone’s fucking Paint, nor would I spread it on the walls of my home if I did, but it’s upon us again and I’ll be following the Seagulls until we get knocked out (hopefully in our first game).

Our opponents on this night of footballing masterclass will be the equally uninterested  Leyton Orient. The tie will take place at Brisbane Road on Tuesday 6th October, and yes I’ll be listening in to every kick and throw-in.


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