Albion 2 – 0 Gillingham


Simple maths tonight – win this one and we start moving up to somewhere where a great many of our fans still think we should be – mid-table – or draw/lose and stay where we are. League positions don’t lie. It’s a score draw for me. Murray AND McNulty starting – GAME ON!!

Elphick clatters into a Gills forward inside 30 seconds and should have been booked, here we fucking go. Bennett skinning them, we’re gradually getting on top of this game. Bennett gets brought down in the D, gets up, settles himself, takes the resulting set piece – WALLLLOP!!!!!!!! 1-0, beautiful! Bennett is taking Gills apart here. Need another goal from this pressure. COME ON!!!

Thornhill doing well, we’ve heard so much good stuff about this kid, this is his big chance to shine. Half-time.

Dickinson on for Forster second half, should be interesting with both Dicko and Murray playing up front together. Making hard work of this half, shades of Yeovil? Gary Hart on for Murray. Thornhill plays in Dickinson, saved! Crofts follows up! Saved again!! That’s more like it. Hart has a go, corner. Dicker shoots – corner. Bennett delivers, Elphick header at near post – BANG!!!!! 2-0. Goals are coming from around the team now, surely game over now?

As expected we’re wobbly at the back with 9 minutes to go. If we hang on here we’re up to the heady heights of 17th on goal difference. The season begins now then? Let’s hope so. Bright lights – Bennett obviously, Thornhill, Dicker and another hard tackling display from Croftsy making up a very impressive midfield performance all round. I’ve got to hand it to Russell Slade, he made the four changes and it’s worked perfectly for him. Full-time, great stuff. Nighty night campers.

Albion goalscorer Tommy Elphick

The Hovian’s Albion Team Performance : 8 out of 10

The Hovian’s Albion Man of the Match : Elliott Bennett

Albion Team (goalscorers in bold):

(4-4-2) Kuipers; Hoyte, Virgo, Elphick, McNulty; Bennett, Dicker, Crofts, Thornhill; Forster (Dickinson 45), Murray (Hart 65)

Subs: Smith, Cox, Tunnicliffe, Hart, Dickinson, Wright, Davies


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6 Responses to “Albion 2 – 0 Gillingham”

  1. glasfryn Says:

    You are now the official NSC thread starter for games ….well done
    what a good game to listen to so good to have Macca and muzza back and the surprise was that Tunnicliffe did not play
    So nice to have class players in the locker to come on and change things.


  2. The Hovian Says:

    Relief, that’s all I feel mate. We needed that win. Thornhill and Bennett showed up – young players who can only improve. Tunnicliffe will get more starts, he’s too good to leave on the bench.

    Sorry for starting the thread, but you weren’t about and I didn’t want the bad juju of someone starting an erroneously titled match thread – I copied your title sequence verbatim, and it worked!!


  3. glasfryn Says:

    not complaining its nice for someone else to have a go, it has to right otherwise Notters is on your case.

  4. The Hovian Says:

    He’s a funny guy Notters. There’s quite a few characters on the NSC, a great place to hang out when I’ve not much on at work over here

  5. glasfryn Says:

    If you have the chance have a look at the player reserves match against Orient,the two trialists look very handy.


  6. The Hovian Says:

    My server really struggles with Player, I can barely get the match coverage. As for video highlights – no deal, just won’t play video, the sound’s ok though 😦

    I’m home in a fortnight, I can get a look at them there. I heard Roberts scored a cracking goal.


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