Albion 0 – 2 Oldham


Adam El-Abd returns to the back four to cover for the eternally unlucky Jim McNulty, and hopefully Nicky Forster will start after his little niggle – we miss him badly. Alan Navarro starting in midfield, mmmm, not sure about that. First chance on 20 minutes, Forster wins a corner, Bennett delivers and Elphick nearly gets in at the back post. Kuipers makes a great save and Oldham have their first chance, boring game this.

Crofts puts a header just over, should have scored. Bennett again our brightest player this half, what a find this kid is. Bit better from the Seagulls at the end of the half – every time Bennett gets the ball to his feet. Half-time, all Albion for me although the Latics had the best chance.

First chance in second half, deflected past Kuipers, 0-1. Here we go again. Nicky Forster almost equalises straightaway. Cox on for Navarro, why didn’t Coxy start? Slade is getting this all wrong again. My patience is running out with his team selections. Forster going close again, COME ON!!!!! Gary Hart on for Dickinson on 76 minutes, another poor, soft, diving display from a player who promised so much in August. Toothless we are.

Dicker having a good second half, but we’re not supplying Bennett enough. Free kick for Oldham, they have a man unmarked 4 yards out, he scores, 2-0. Absolute fucking rubbish. Crofts hits the crossbar, too little, too late. One…two…three…and we’re back in the relegation zone. The only consolation today is that Millwall beat Leeds, woeful eh? Is Russell Slade really our man this season? I really don’t think he is, and it pains me to say that, it really does.

I’m back in the UK next Friday and will be in South Stand Block G at Fortress Withdean for the Hartlepool game, I can hardly wait. I wonder if Slade will be there on the home bench?

The Hovian’s Albion Team Performance :  3 out of 10

The Hovian’s Albion Man of the Match : Elliott Bennett

Albion Team (goalscorers in bold):

(4-4-2) Kuipers; Hoyte, Virgo, Elphick, El-Abd; Bennett, Crofts, Dicker, Navarro (Cox 60); Dickinson (Hart 76), Forster

Subs: Smith, Hart, Thornhill, Cox, Tunnicliffe, Davies, McLeod

League One Table

24 Oct 2009 17:09 UK

Position Team P GD PTS
Full League One table
1 Leeds United 13 13 30
2 Charlton 14 11 29
3 Colchester 14 14 28
4 MK Dons 14 4 26
5 Norwich 14 6 22
6 Bristol Rovers 13 2 22
7 Huddersfield 14 12 21
8 Millwall 14 9 21
9 Oldham 14 -1 20
10 Hartlepool 14 1 19
11 Swindon 14 -4 19
12 Yeovil 14 2 18
13 Southend 14 1 17
14 Walsall 14 -2 17
15 Brentford 14 -2 17
16 Gillingham 14 -3 15
17 Leyton Orient 14 -11 15
18 Carlisle 14 -5 14
19 Exeter 14 -9 14
20 Stockport 14 -9 14
21 Brighton 14 -9 13
22 Southampton 14 7 11
23 Tranmere 14 -18 10
24 Wycombe 14 -9 8

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4 Responses to “Albion 0 – 2 Oldham”

  1. glasfryn Says:

    well they are all calling for his head, RS might have managed his last game at Withdean.
    something is drasically wrong in the Albion set-up,we have very good players,loyal fans and apparently a good manager(he did save us last season) is it the coaching are the players listening to the manager and its alright calling for the heads of the coaches (Booker and White) they have been with the Albion for some time and have managed the team and won against the odds when they did.
    If the manager goes then so should the coaching team,have a good clear out, some joker on the phone-in has just said that one of the players has said that 50% of the players don’t want to be at Brighton ………well I know one like everyone else and thats Murray ……is he causing the problems ………Oh sod it who knows I’m depressed and this makes for a very dark weekend
    loved your photo on NSC they looked more enthused than some on the forum..


  2. The Hovian Says:

    Done mate.

    Yeah, the phone-in caller said his mate heard it at the barber’s, that’s a solid piece of reliable news that 😉

    Nope, time’s up for RS, I’m in the “out” camp now – November will be bleak unless we get a new face in, I’m not sure of Coppell would be the right man, but I think Slade isn’t. I feel bad about admitting that, but FIVE home defeats speaks volumes. Booker and White are not the problem, they don’t pick the team. By the sounds of it that fat knacker Navarro was hanging out of his arse in the second half – not good enough, fitness should be a given at this level. Slade should not have started him – Thornhill is better and Cox. Utter stupidity.

    i’ll put up a real match report next week, as I’m home and the tickets are at home. I hope Slade will be gone, and if he isn’t I hope for his sake we trounce the Monkey Hangers.

    Cheers mate

  3. glasfryn Says:

    having watched the highlights on player we did’nt play that badly and were extremely unlucky with shots not going it

    Bennet won’t be with us long if he continues playing that well.


  4. The Hovian Says:

    I can’t get video on Player here, but I’ll take your word for it mate 😉

    I can see Bennett and Tunnicliffe getting nabbed by better clubs to be fair


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