Wycombe 4 – 4 Albion


I missed this FA Cup first round match, and what a cracker. Gavin Hoyte sent off (I think that’s six red cards for the Albion this season now), Nicky Forster scores his tenth goal of the season, and Glenn Murray gets a brace. Nothing dull about this team eh?

Martin Hinshelwood

Hinsh carrys on the Albion madness at Wycombe

The reason for my absence? I was at Falmer High School all day, attending my FA Level 1 in coaching football course. It was a good laugh, and even the big shiny skeleton of  a new stadium going up behind the University of Brighton site didn’t put me off my game too much.

Albion Team (goalscorers in bold):

(4-4-2) Smith; Hoyte, Virgo, Elphick, El-Abd; Bennett, Crofts, Dicker, Cox; Forster (Davies 73), Murray (2)

Subs: Kuipers, Navarro, McLeod, Tunnicliffe, Livermore, C Barker.


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2 Responses to “Wycombe 4 – 4 Albion”

  1. glasfryn Says:

    sounded very exciting and nice that Muzza is back scoring goals and we should win the replay.
    theres been a lot of talk about Poyet and Taylor as the new dream team and yes it sounds very good Poyet would make a very good figurehead and Taylor is a great coach(I remember his stint as under 21 manager/coach and I don’t remember them losing a game)
    the pair will do for me as long as its both of them and not just one of them with a fill in and theres always the fear of either being poached.
    Ah well we will know soon.


  2. The Hovian Says:

    Yup, good that Murray stole the show, but scoring 3 goals in one game, then 4 next game – and winning neither – shows we have a serious failing at the back.

    Poyet and Taylor would be a flair ticket for sure 😉

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