Southampton 1 – 3 Albion


Cracking. Put it down to Gus Poyet. Whether it was his brief spells of coaching this week, or the fact individual players were trying hard to impress the new boss – we were good yesterday, brilliant even, almost a different team. I don’t think we deserved to run out of Scumland (more of which in a later post) 3-1 winners, but we rode our luck for a change and defended stoutly – I haven’t said that once this season.

Albion goalscorer and Man of the Match - Andrew CroftsI won’t go on about this one too much, as even our armchair and faraway fans got a chance to watch it on the telly, but I will rate each player briefly.

Kuipers – mad as a fish, but had an inspired game, his kicking is still bad though. Whing – welcome return and solid enough from ginge, unlucky over the penalty shout. Elphick and Tunnicliffe – Elphick looked class, Tunnicliffe aided and abetted well. El-Abd – hard in the tackle, but hoofed it in the second half too much.

Bennett – unusually quiet and ineffective from him, it won’t last. Dicker – the odd wayward pass but a very classy midfielder who stuck at it when they came at us with everything second half. Crofts – new skipper (shock!) and it obviously inspired him to man of the match, his turn in the first half, leaving three Saints players standing was ace, as was his goal sealing the game when it looked like they would score. Cox – fantastic effort skinning Harding (snigger) and crossing for Murray’s first, we all know he can do it, maybe Poyet’s flair has rubbed off on the little fella.

Forster – deserved to score, had a good niggly game with their big dirty bastard at centre back. Glenn Murray – say what you want about the big guy – and ALL Seagulls fans have said plenty about him – he was on the money at Saints, almost my man of the match.

The subs – each did their job, with Dickinson being the most annoying I’m sure for Saints fans, with his big gangly awkward style frustrating and holding the ball well.

Albion double goalscorer - Glenn Murray

So, there you have it, a great start, it was a bit flattering, but I’m sure the Scummers didn’t expect too much from our team before kick-off. A big round of applause to the travelling Seagulls too – it was almost like Wembley in the Northam Stand yesterday with all that noise. I’ll talk more about events surrounding the game, and the antics of a few window lickers who think they’re well ‘ard and follow Saints, but I’ll write about that later in the week. Enjoy it, Leeds on Saturday will show how much Poyet has really worked his magic (forget Wycombe Wednesday night).

The Hovian’s Albion Team Performance : 9 out of 10

The Hovian’s Albion Man of the Match : Andrew Crofts

Albion Team (goalscorers in bold):

(4-4-2) Kuipers; Whing, Elphick, Tunnicliffe, El-Abd; Bennett (Navarro 60), Crofts, Dicker, Cox (Hart 60); Murray (2), Forster (Dickinson 75)

Subs:  Smith, Livermore, Virgo, C Davies, Navarro, Hart, Dickinson

League One table

Monday, 16 November 2009 00:00 UK

Position Team P GD PTS
Full League One table
1 Leeds United 15 21 36
2 Charlton 16 13 32
3 Colchester 16 13 29
4 MK Dons 16 1 29
5 Norwich 16 10 28
6 Huddersfield 16 19 27
7 Millwall 16 10 25
8 Bristol Rovers 16 -2 25
9 Hartlepool 16 2 23
10 Walsall 16 1 23
11 Swindon 15 -1 22
12 Yeovil 16 -1 21
13 Southend 16 1 20
14 Oldham 16 -3 20
15 Gillingham 16 -3 18
16 Brentford 16 -5 18
17 Exeter 16 -6 18
18 Carlisle 16 -4 17
19 Brighton 16 -7 17
20 Leyton Orient 16 -12 16
21 Stockport 16 -13 14
22 Southampton 16 5 12
23 Tranmere 16 -23 10
24 Wycombe 16 -16 8

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