Norwich 4 – 1 Albion


Round two of our back to back games against League One’s triumvirate of ex-Premiershit “Big Boys” tonight. After, frankly, what was a football lesson against the whippet-worrying dole scum (that’s Leeds United to you) on Saturday, this should be a tough night for the Seagulls. But, we are good away, and the boys seem to relish playing in the big stadiums, so it’s all up for grabs. I’ll stick my neck out and go for a sneaky 1-0 to us. Gavin Hoyte returns from his three match ban to sit on the bench and no Nicky Forster!!! Dickinson starts with Murray up front.

Three minutes, 1-0 to Norwich, fuck me ragged. Tunnicliffe didn’t clear and they get a tap-in at the far post. Dickinson is sounding lively, getting amongst them. Crofts has one saved, we’re still well in this match. Norwich hit the bar – hoofing game! Cox gives it away, bang! 2-0, that should be it folks. Wankers.

PUNCH UP!!! Both teams scrapping in the centre of the park. Cox is having a ‘mare, gets booked for starting the melee with his foul. Can’t see him starting the second half. Disallowed goal for Norwich, we are going to get mauled here tonight folks, we are shite. Half-time, a pretty sad act.

Cox is off, McLeod on. Adam El-Abd, the much maligned utility defender is having a good game here, good on him. TUNNICLIFFE!!!!!!! 2-1!!!! McLeod wins a corner, a scramble and Tunny bangs it in. Ah fuck off! Own goal – Elphick, although it seems he might have been fouled. 3-1 to City. Goodnight and God bless.

It’s looking like a bad night all-round for us tonight, all our relegation contenders apart from Stockport are doing well. It’s now 4-1 on 81 minutes, Smith should have saved, boy do we miss Kuipers. Shocking. Murray goes off for Davieees. Hoyte gets a run out for the last pitiful five minutes, replacing Whing. It’s ten past two in the morning here in Kabul, I’m up at 7am for a full day’s work – worth staying up for and a red-eye day tomorrow…….? I still say yes. We are a long way off the standard required to progress from this league, Leeds and now Norwich have showed us how it’s done. Next up is Charlton – oh dear. Well played to Bomber El-Abd, my Man of the Match. I’m off for a shite night’s kip. Toodle Pip.

The Hovian’s Albion Team Performance :   3 out of 10

The Hovian’s Albion Man of the Match : Adam El-Abd

Albion Team (goalscorers in bold):

(4-4-2) Smith; Whing (Hoyte 85), Elphick, Tunnicliffe, El-Abd; Bennett, Crofts, Dicker, Cox (McLeod 45); Murray (Davieeeees 83), Dickinson

Subs:  Pelling, McLeod, Virgo, C Davies, Navarro, Hart, Hoyte


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2 Responses to “Norwich 4 – 1 Albion”

  1. glasfryn Says:

    think your MOM is absolutely correct he does not get enough credit considering he is not a LB and seems willing to play just about any position.
    this season as far as I am concerned is a write off and as long as we stay up (which I’m sure we will) and Poyet gets shot of the deadwood we might be able to give it a go next season.
    I HAVE THIS FEELING THAT HE HAS TAKEN UP THE CHALLENGE TO RID ALBION OF WILKO’S BABES passed on by RS and to be quite honest there are only a few I would keep your MOM and Elphick and to be fair he is giving them all a go
    could be a cricket score on Saturday but please don’t ask me which way it will go



  2. The Hovian Says:

    El-Abd is an honest footballer, I’ve never thought he was any worse than any other Albion player. The NSC crucify our players in cycles, poor old Graeme Smith is getting it now – he’s not as good as Kuipers, but he has been thrown in at the deep end against the League’s big boys.

    Keepers don’t let goals in unless someone shoots at them, Smith doesn’t tackle or man mark in the outfield – opposing teams are walking through us at the minute. The whole side has to take responsibility for the poor defensive record, the completely OTT slating of a young and promising keeper the way some are doing makes me think some of them could even be Palace agent provocateurs!

    Fucking annoying so it is

    I think we’ll win ok Saturday, but will lose by two goals at least on Tuesday – you could drive an oil tanker sideways through the gap in ability between us and the top 3-4 teams in this division. Staying up is poyet’s priority now, I’ll settle for 20th at the minute!


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