A casual buy No. 7



Some brands associated with this thing called “casual” are afforded the status of “essential”, or even “imperative”, “cardinal”, or “prerequisite” (and any other amount of synonymous adjectives I can find for “essential” on thesaurus.com).

One clothing brand is all these things – Fjällräven – the Swedish outdoor clothing company. Their Nordli lightweight jacket is quite possibly their flagship item – it certainly is one of the most affordable (the Swedes don’t give this stuff away cheaply you know). But what I like most about the Nordli, and all Fjällräven clothing, is its rugged, genuine outdoors finish, it’s not for show, it really is designed for Scandinavia in all seasons. This means their range of clothing is perfect for British football grounds in winter too. There is nothing bling about Fjäll, it is the real McCoy.

The winter sales are on with most online stores, so now is a good time to pick one of these up quite cheaply. Google, find, buy, wear, look good, feel good.


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One Response to “A casual buy No. 7”

  1. nifty 50 Says:

    Ive had a fjallraven coat for at least 4 years now and its still as good as new, living in liverpool most of my mates who who are evertonians got me in to it, the first time i wore it down at selhurst know one new what it was now there all in to it.

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