Ice ice baby


Albion ground staff assess the Withdean skiing surface prior to the (postponed) home game against Brentford

Had to happen. I’ve been watching the UK weather go more than a bit Pete Tong from an unseasonally warm – and curiously snowless – Kabul. The club called the Brentford game off today, and I don’t think many other games will kick off all over Britain this weekend. Well, I’m sure the gazillionaires in the Premiershit will be good to go, but who gives a fuck about them eh?

Some warmer news on the transfer front. Gus Poyet has signed unemployed Spanish defender Inigo Calderon (liking the name already). Inigo used to play for Deportivo Alavés (yeah I know, “fucking who?”). He’s apparently a right back, we’ve already got two of them, so I reckon either Gavin Hoyte or Andy Whing may be heading out of Withdean. We’ll see.

Just heard on Sky News that this current ice age is going to last for at least another TEN DAYS! It had better fuck off by the 22nd, I’m due in to Gatwick then. Then there’s the boring little trip up to Villa Park the day after. Get shovelling!!


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2 Responses to “Ice ice baby”

  1. glasfryn Says:

    the thaw has started ….well here anyway(famous last words)this Spaniard looks like a hard case who knows what he is doing and with the continuance of Hoytes loan it does look like GP has another role for him elsewhere in the side.
    Seb Carole is a good signing from week to week as he has played in all sorts of positions for us twice before and Gus knows him from his Leeds days.
    Now the thaw is starting maybe we will see a few more signings


  2. The Hovian Says:

    Yes, he could be a good acquisition. Not so sure about Hoyte, but Gus has faith in him, so we”l see. I’m getting withdrawal symptoms from having very little football to watch and listen to.

    I was due to fly up to Manchester for the re-scheduled Stockport game, but had to cancel my flights and hotel today – I’ve a job interview in Hove on the 26th. I’ve lost a fair bit of coin over that one – better get the bloody job now!

    Waiting for Weds morning for Villa tickets, fingers crossed.

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