Hoveward Bound


That’s right pop pickers, this seagull is flying home. Tomorrow I hang up my guns and fly out of Afghanistan for good (Inshallah). The sun sets on one long chapter of my life, and hopefully a bright, fresh sunrise awaits me back home in good old Hove. If not there’s always the Albion to fall back on, right Kids?

The look and content of the blog will change more than a little now. I’ll be going along in person to most games from this point on, so the match reports won’t be blow by blow, but will encapsulate the whole day – especially those long awaydays, warts and all. But I think the blog will get better for it – more first person experiences, and of course loads of good phootys of yours truly at the match in some reet smart clobber 😉

My Villa tickets arrived through the door hole yesterday – Doug Ellis Stand Lower, it’s going to be noisy in there. See you in Brum.

Khodâ häfez


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4 Responses to “Hoveward Bound”

  1. glasfryn Says:

    you will be home now I suppose
    have a good day tomorrow I will be praying for a win if not that at least a performance that will enable us and the players to hold our heads high.


  2. The Hovian Says:

    Hi mate,

    Yeah I’m home and bloody freezing! I woke up at 6am this morning like a kid on Christmas morning – raring to go. I’ll blog about the day and the game sometime tomorrow. All I want is an Albion goal, anything more will be a huge bonus.


  3. barrell86 Says:

    Felt bad for your lot today mate, both our boys were knocked out by Brummy Goons, shame.

  4. The Hovian Says:

    We gave it a good go, should’ve taken away the draw – but a great day out anyway. Villa might play their real team next round though!


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