The Hovian Empire grows….


Yes folks, not content with blogging about the Albion and casual clothing, yours truly is branching out the Hovian franchise. Just over a decade ago I ended a glorious four year period of decadence and slackerism by getting a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Surrey Institute of Art and Design. I then had to go back into the real world and get a job. The pens and ink never really got picked up in anger again after that.

Most of you who read this blog will also be aware that BHAFC currently have only one independent fanzine – The Seagull Love Review (TSLR), it’s a tight little publication, the guys who write it are all as mad as a ship’s cat, it costs a nicker an issue, and like any other fan-produced entity, it gets praise and slagged off in equal measure by people who wouldn’t have the balls to try it themselves. TSLR also have their own blog, you can read it here.

So anyway, a while back I was arsing about with a few doodles at work, and played them around in photoshop, I thought they looked good and fired them off to TSLR’s Editor via North Stand Chat. The mad fool loved them and now I have a semi-regularish cartoon strip in the fanzine. Those of you who made the trip to Villa Park last Saturday (that would be everyone), might have bought a copy and saw the new strip (it was small). I now have to come up with good ideas to make it a regular feature, any ideas would be welcome.

The scan above isn’t very clear, so I’ve included the original artwork below, which you can click on and enlarge the strip. The Empire marches on.


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2 Responses to “The Hovian Empire grows….”

  1. i am sam Says:

    surrey institute is very well regarded, good work.

    anyway, when’s the next batch coming in?

    sam TSLR

  2. The Hovian Says:

    I’ll have to get off my arse and draw a couple mate, I’ll try to get one or two ready for next week. I’ll put them on Flickr and give you a shout by pm on NSC


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