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A casual buy no. 11

February 28, 2010

I’ve owned this old Barbour Northumbria jacket for nine years. It was hoodless and I initially wore it over a suit whilst working. Then, as it got older, helping my father in law around his field in Bexhill; and I kept it hanging on the back of the front door as a quick throw-on for a run to the shops when it was wet. My other coats are hung neatly in my wardrobe. I never really saw the Northumbria as a “casual” item, that was until I decided on impulse to buy a matching sylkoil hood for just over a score recently. I tried it on with the hood and thought “You know, I actually like the look of this old thing now”.

Barbour make far trendier, perhaps even more exciting jackets – the Dry Fly or the International range for instance. The Northumbria looks plain by comparison, most would expect to see it on the back of some Wurzel sat on a tractor in a field in Dorset rather than on some urbanite “lad” at the footy. And they are mostly right.

But, in my humblest opinion of course, this thing labelled “casual” is about standing out from the herd sometimes (others would say “all the time”, but I’m not that conceited and far from being a “face” – I’m square baby!). It’s also about what YOU YOURSELF feel comfortable in.

After the initial Golden Era of casual in the very early 80s, which was brash, loud, and swathed in bright Italian sportswear, there was a reaction and period of “dressing down”. Especially in the north west of England – where arguably the subculture had and still has it’s beating heart – lads began looking dressed down and chilled out. Labels disappeared and it was okay to look, heaven forbid, “scruffy”. Tweed and waxed cotton were in and polyester out.

Phil Thornton, in his excellent book about all things casual, called this reaction to garish sportswear “retro-scally”. There’s no scallies in Brighton & Hove apart from emigres from Merseyside; but the freedom to dress in whatever made them comfortable meant these scruffier lads brought to the scene a new way of thinking about clothing and set a precedent. It’s not always about mega-bucks brand labels (although the Northumbria itself ain’t cheap), being a smart-ass, a clothes horse, or, and I might be commiting blasphemy here, getting “one-up” on other lads out and about all the time. You can mix your CP Company with M&S, your shoes can be old and scuffed, there’s no hard and fast rules for this way of looking and feeling. That’s why I’m happy to step out in my old Northumbria with it’s new hood, I love this tatty old jacket again.


Albion 2 – 0 Exeter

February 27, 2010

Oh Arrrrr, Exeter's firm front up at Withdean

Noel Edmonds supports Exeter City, that effectively makes them the duffest team in the whole Football League. Bloody Wurzels. If that wasn’t enough ignominy for their fans to stomach, they’re now also the only team we’ve done the double over this season, aw-roight then laaards?

A good day at Withers today, and boy was it coming. A good crowd turned out, probably inspired by tales of great football witnessed on the south bank of the Thames on tuesday night. Our home form has finally caught up with the displays in our away adventures, and the table is looking fairer now too.

The Seagulls dominated the first 45, Elphick scoring a great headed goal from one of Elliott Bennett’s improved deliveries at corners. We gave the farmers a bit of a sniff later on, but when Dicker volleyed in a screamer from just outside their box early doors in the second half it was game over, never in doubt. Exeter are in the shit, I think they’re defo going down in May.

Our best players were Elphick – solid again as he bossed and bullied their toothless attack. LuaLua was brilliant once more, he skinned their right back every chance, giving the poor lad a torrid time until he was subbed on 69 minutes. The final ball needs to be better, but he’s one hell of a loan signing. Painter was excellent at left back, did everything well. But man of the match was that man Gary Dicker again, he deserved his wonder goal after his creativity and battling to win the ball in the middle of the park.

So, I’ll say no more, watch the highlights of this one with relish, especially Dicker’s effort. Things are looking up, Poyet is the right man for this job, I am won over; the Leeds, Charlton and now Exeter games have proven he has the right personnel and the right 4-5-1 tactics to take this club onwards. Great stuff.

The Hovian’s Albion Team Performance : 9 out of 10

The Hovian’s Albion Man of the Match : Gary Dicker

Albion Team (goalscorers in bold):

(4-5-1) Brezovan; Calderon, Elphick, El-Abd, Painter; Bennett, Dicker, Crofts, Navarro, LuaLua (Holroyd 69); Murray (Hart 82)

(Subs) Kuipers, Forster, McNulty, Carole, Hoyte, Hart, Holroyd

Attendance: 6959 (565 Wurzels)

League One table

Saturday, 27 February 2010 17:05 UK

Position Team P GD PTS
Full League One table
1 Norwich 34 34 72
2 Leeds United 33 30 67
3 Charlton 34 21 63
4 Colchester 33 17 62
5 Swindon 32 15 60
6 Huddersfield 33 25 58
7 Millwall 33 15 58
8 MK Dons 33 0 49
9 Bristol Rovers 32 -8 45
10 Walsall 33 -2 43
11 Southampton 31 21 41
12 Yeovil 34 -3 41
13 Carlisle 33 -3 40
14 Brentford 30 0 38
15 Leyton Orient 33 -6 38
16 Brighton 33 -11 37
17 Hartlepool 33 -10 35
18 Gillingham 34 -13 34
19 Tranmere 32 -23 33
20 Southend 33 -13 32
21 Oldham 31 -14 32
22 Exeter 33 -15 31
23 Wycombe 34 -25 28
24 Stockport 32 -32 23

Charlton 1 – 2 Albion

February 24, 2010

Oh Withdean, to have a view like this every game

This is the best game I’ve seen Albion play this season, it trumps even the Scummers away. That Charlton even scored flatters them somewhat, they couldn’t get the ball off us for the best part of 94 minutes.

A drizzle and mist sodden Valley didn’t bode well for what was to come, nor did the heavy weather-beaten pitch. But it was nice to get so close to the action after years of squinting out over Withers, and I think our proximity to the South Stand goal raised the noise level of the away supporters, it was fucking loud where I was anyway.

I’ll go through the team’s performance in order of ascending merit. El-Abd defended well, but his distribution was poor (hoof-o-matic) 6 out of 10. Forster did ok as lone striker, but he doesn’t do it as well as Murray (who is out sick), or Holroyd. Fozzy scores 6.

Elphick and Painter were steady enough, both score 7. Gary Dicker had a good game, but in an all-star midfield he didn’t shine as much as the others, 7.

Now the 8’s. Brezovan surely deserves a run in the team after last night? My only gripes, and the first is easily mended, is that he slices his big clearances to the right. He was also at fault for their goal (which came in the FOURTH minute of the three added at the end), but he gives me more confidence than Kuipers at present. Crofts was as good as ever, but again outshone by his wingers, 8 for him.

Kazenga LuaLua is something else, when he gets the ball the crowd’s expectation rises, he simply turns defenders inside out. Not 100% match fit, but his 71 minutes last night beats most players over three games, 9 out of 10. Alan Navarro – how much has this lad turned his season round? He is the lynchpin of this team, outstanding all over the park and becoming this blog’s cult hero, 9.

It was a hard, hard choice for my man of the match. Inigo Calderon finished the game our muddiest player, and when I played the game the grottiest team mate was the one getting stuck in the most. Our main threat was down the right, and it all started with our resident Spaniard. I love the way he is in constant communication with Poyet on the pitch, he’s always thinking and his effort was only matched by Navarro. His deflected goal was a bit lucky, but his charge upfield, followed by a correction after he lost control deserved a goal, pure flair.

But my man of the match goes to Bennett. He was all over Charlton last night, and his goal rounded off his best performance by far in the stripes – 9. Both subs did their jobs well, with Holroyd in particular, 7 each.

So, we headed back through the damp police horse shit to Charlton station realising we had watched something special, the faces around me were beaming. Our team played the fancied Charlton off their own pitch with superb one touch football and top drawer finishing. As I said, this was a special night, I wish we could play at the Valley every week!

The Hovian’s Albion Team Performance : 9 out of 10

The Hovian’s Albion Man of the Match : Elliott Bennett

Albion Team (goalscorers in bold):

(4-5-1) Brezovan; Calderon, Elphick, El-Abd, Painter; Bennett, Dicker, Crofts, Navarro, LuaLua (Hart 71); Forster (Holroyd 57)

(Subs) Kuipers, El-Abd, Cook, Carole, Hoyte, Hart, Holroyd

Attendance: 17508

League One table

Wednesday, 24 February 2010 00:00 UK

Position Team P GD PTS
Full League One table
1 Norwich 33 33 69
2 Leeds United 32 30 66
3 Colchester 32 18 62
4 Charlton 33 20 60
5 Swindon 31 15 59
6 Huddersfield 32 25 57
7 Millwall 32 14 55
8 MK Dons 32 1 49
9 Walsall 32 2 43
10 Bristol Rovers 31 -9 42
11 Southampton 30 17 38
12 Brentford 30 0 38
13 Yeovil 33 -4 38
14 Carlisle 32 -5 37
15 Leyton Orient 32 -6 37
16 Hartlepool 32 -9 35
17 Gillingham 33 -11 34
18 Brighton 32 -13 34
19 Tranmere 32 -23 33
20 Southend 32 -12 32
21 Oldham 30 -13 32
22 Exeter 32 -13 31
23 Wycombe 33 -24 28
24 Stockport 31 -33 20

Leeds 1 – 1 Albion

February 21, 2010

Our last view of Elland Road for years to come?

Gutted. No other word for it. Leeds probably deserved a draw overall, but I was sure we were finally going to ride our luck and leave Elland road – probably for the last time for many years – with all three points. As I said, gutted.

The day started inauspiciously when the PA system on the East Coast train out of King’s Cross announced we were on a dry train “Due to football issues”. Onboard there were Leeds, Watford, Ipswich, and even a Geordie fan running late for St James’s Park. He was probably just a lost beer monster, if he was he was on the wrong train. We managed a couple of swift pints and a warming shot in the railway station bar before jumping into a taxi for Elland Road.  Leeds’ tap lager in the away supporters’ bar was horrible, so I knocked back cider before grabbing a seat in the tiny yellow away section in the south east corner of the old stadium.

Just a note on Leeds stewards, and I’m not one who usually rags on the fluorescent jacket brigade, but these were some of the worst jobsworths I’ve seen. Granted the four or so Albion lads who got ejected for repeatedly refusing to sit down were pissed-up and annoying, but the introduction of purple shirted “quick response” teams or whatever they were called, plain clothes (undercover?) uber-stewards, and of course West Yorkshire’s finest was all a bit OTT to say the least. The fact that one of them was a ringer for Mark McGhee didn’t help either. I tried to get a photo of McGhoo’s visog but he was too fast for me, and for a moment I thought he was going to try and sling me out for the heinous crime of using a camera in a public place. Muppets.

The match now. Well, we weren’t exactly robbed, but when Virgo was sent off for a reckless lunge on Leeds’ Gradel after Brezovan threw the ball to him (fucking Albion goalkeeping again!), it looked ominous. Letting in a goal on 95 minutes was completely soul destroying though. Before the equaliser the team battled, frustrated and harried, Beckford never got so much as a sniff all game. When Murray went down and converted his own penalty we were sitting pretty, the home crowd were quiet, and I really believed we were for winning this one.

My man of the match was a hard one, this really was a team display, if you’ll pardon the cliche. Virgo was brilliant until he went, but he’s out of the team now for Charlton and James Tunnicliffe is out on loan, who’s going in at centre back – probably Painter with El-Abd coming back to cover left back. Our midfield was brilliant all game, again with Navarro starring alongside Crofts. I saw LuaLua for the first time too, and he looks great. But big Glenn Murray played the lone striker role superbly up front, and for that he earns my man of the match.

After the game we met up at the Grove Inn on Stone Row with a few Albion fans for some excellent real ale before heading home, again on a dry train. Some of the boys had a carry out so I blagged a couple of cans, and one of my party got a little bit too rowdy (sorry Lads!), but all in all we had forgotten about the game and had a bit of a laugh.

So, we’ve slipped a place to 22nd in the league after dropping two points yesterday, things aren’t looking good in the table, but we are playing well. Charlton away on Tuesday night is not as daunting a fixture as it might have been earlier in the season, we can match anyone on our day, we just have to have more “days” – time is running out.

The Hovian’s Albion Team Performance : 8 out of 10

The Hovian’s Albion Man of the Match : Glenn Murray

Albion Team (goalscorers in bold):

(4-5-1) Brezovan; Calderon, Elphick, Virgo, Painter; Bennett (Hart 56), Dicker, Crofts, Navarro, LuaLua (El-Abd 82); Murray

(Subs) Kuipers, El-Abd, Forster, Carole, Hoyte, Hart, Holroyd

Attendance: 24120

League One table

Sunday, 21 February 2010 00:00 UK

Position Team P GD PTS
Full League One table
1 Norwich 32 32 66
2 Leeds United 31 28 63
3 Colchester 32 18 62
4 Charlton 32 21 60
5 Swindon 30 12 56
6 Huddersfield 31 23 54
7 Millwall 31 12 52
8 MK Dons 31 3 49
9 Walsall 31 3 43
10 Bristol Rovers 31 -9 42
11 Brentford 30 0 38
12 Southampton 29 17 37
13 Carlisle 31 -2 37
14 Leyton Orient 31 -6 36
15 Yeovil 32 -5 35
16 Gillingham 32 -11 33
17 Tranmere 31 -21 33
18 Southend 31 -11 32
19 Oldham 29 -11 32
20 Hartlepool 31 -12 32
21 Exeter 32 -13 31
22 Brighton 31 -14 31
23 Wycombe 32 -24 27
24 Stockport 30 -30 20

A casual buy no. 10

February 17, 2010

I bought this item last month more in hope than with practicality in mind. It’s still baltic here in Hovecestershire, and this little beaut would be more at home on the back of a sunburnt Floridian golfer than on my back sat in dark depressing Withdean staring another home defeat in the frozen face.

The Original Penguin Ratner jacket is light, well-built, and modish. Penguin’s (Munsingwear) wiki page describes the company as “an American lifestyle brand”. American lifestyle: long palm-lined boulevards, desert freeways, Cadillacs, (old) Hollywood, pacific beaches, Steve McQueen, a painting by Pollock, and drive-in diners. All this springs to mind – the long gone pre-9/11 American Dream. It’s a far cry from England and her dark satanic football grounds nestled in damp, terraced streets. Or in windswept, half-empty, and colour-faded “bowls”, a grim bus ride away from civilisation in forgotten retail parks and industrial estates.

But the two are not completely incompatible, because “lifestyle brand” translates into “casual” in our unfussy, stiff-upper-lip usage of the Queen’s English. This is a very smart little jacket, I’m just waiting until “Sunny Hove” starts to re-appear, along with the daffodils, and going to Withdean ceases to feel just like how a discarded fishfinger would feel having been abandoned in the bottom tray of the freezer.


February 15, 2010

No seriously, WTF? The only sense I can make of this is that Nicky Forster must be on his way back.

On his way to The Posh - Bananaman AKA Liam Dickinson

Albion 1 – 2 Norwich

February 14, 2010

Saucer-faced pop minx (who's not as fit as her mum) and Norwich City celebrity bellend fan Sophie Ellis-Bextor

I had to miss going to this game due to family commitments I couldn’t put off any longer, and frankly, I’m not too bothered not having had to fork out £24 for this one. I did manage to listen in on BBC Radio Sussex for most of the game, and all I can say is, we’re not showing that extra bit of effort needed to start climbing up the table. Say what you want about bad luck and dickhead referees, but to let in not one, but two goals in the last ten minutes after going one up and playing so well is criminal, even if it was the League One champions elect who nicked all three points in the smash ‘n’ grab raid. Enough said.

When we got home to Hove today after spending the weekend in the wilds of east East Sussex, seeing two tickets for Leeds away next week lying on the hall floor lightened my mood somewhat. Albion need to man the fuck up and take it to both Leeds and Charlton on the following Tuesday night, or we’ll be hanging onto League One status by the skin of our soiled underpants come the end of this month. Honeymoon’s long gone now Gus, time to consummate this football relationship properly and keep us in tier three for next season.

Albion 0 – 0 Huddersfield

February 10, 2010

One-time gritty northern film actor, now "Shitty Manc Soap" star and Huddersfield FC celebrity bellend fan Reece Dinsdale

The Withdean jinx/hoodoo carries on. How else can you explain us not taking all three points last night? Well, the draw did lift us out of the drop zone for now, so it’s not all doom and gloom.

I decided to walk up to Withers from Furze Hill to get a bit of warm blood circulating around the old bones on a frigid night. It took me 40 minutes, and I was frozen again within ten minutes of parking my arse in the South Stand. Only 4710 other souls joined me at the Theatre of Trees.

Two things were confirmed emphatically for me during the match – Liam Dickinson can’t (or won’t) jump, and Michel Kuipers has two left feet. Poyet promised to change things after the defeat against Millwall, but he changed the wrong people in my humble opinion – Carole for Dicker and Dicko for Murray.

I’ll briefly mention each player’s performance, as nil-nillers aren’t the most interesting games to wax lyrical about. Kuipers – poor game by his standards, had very little to do but still managed to almost commit suicide by a dreadful clearance early doors. He was saved by the solid, confident defensive unit in front of him. Painter and Calderon were excellent, especially the Spaniard – so assured on the ball. Same for Elphick and Virgo, who thankfully kept the ball away from the eejit in goal by commanding the air and superbly timed tackling, the hoofing upfield was kept to a minimum too.

Seb Carole was hard-working but his shooting terrible, he faded badly in the second half and made way for Dicker, who was his normal brilliant self. Bennett fared far better on the other wing. Crofts was steady and bossed the middle, allowing little Alan Navarro to shine; he’s really finding form under Poyet and was my Man of the Match, just shading it over Calderon.

Chris Holroyd won his first full debut, with Nicky Forster commiting professional hara-kiri over his contract, and he was ok, but didn’t deserve man of the match. I was baffled on hearing that over the PA system as we huddled out of the ground after the game. Dickinson was poor last night, never jumped successfully once, for all his height he’s a goon in the air. Good balls that Glenn Murray would have used well were wasted on him. When Murray inevitably replaced him the change in fortune up front was immediate, but even he couldn’t finish Town off.

So, Huddersfield were there for the taking, but we just couldn’t deliver the killer punch. Good news and bad news on the transfer front, the Seagulls have signed Kazenga Lua Lua from Newcastle on a month’s loan, which could spell the end of Nicky Forster wearing the stripes. I really hope not

The Hovian’s Albion Team Performance : 7 out of 10

The Hovian’s Albion Man of the Match : Alan Navarro

Albion Team (goalscorers in bold):

(4-4-2) Kuipers; Calderon, Virgo, Elphick, Painter; Bennett, Crofts, Navarro, Carole (Dicker 71); Holroyd, Dickinson (Murray 65)

(Subs): Brezovan, Cox, Tunnicliffe, Dicker, Hoyte, Murray, Hart

Attendance : 4711 (163 Huddersfield)

League One table

Wednesday, 10 February 2010 00:00 UK

Position Team P GD PTS
Full League One table
1 Norwich 30 33 63
2 Leeds United 28 29 61
3 Charlton 30 20 57
4 Colchester 29 16 55
5 Swindon 28 10 52
6 Millwall 29 12 49
7 Huddersfield 28 20 47
8 MK Dons 29 6 46
9 Bristol Rovers 29 -9 39
10 Walsall 28 2 37
11 Brentford 28 1 37
12 Leyton Orient 29 -5 35
13 Southampton 28 15 34
14 Yeovil 29 -2 34
15 Carlisle 28 -4 34
16 Hartlepool 30 -10 32
17 Southend 29 -9 31
18 Exeter 30 -11 31
19 Brighton 29 -13 30
20 Oldham 27 -11 29
21 Gillingham 30 -12 29
22 Tranmere 29 -22 29
23 Wycombe 30 -25 23
24 Stockport 28 -31 16

Leyton Orient 1 – 1 Albion

February 7, 2010

Looking like he's had more food than just his dinner in bed with him - Leyton Orient celebrity bellend fan Bob Mills

Smashing game this one, dominated by one howling tit of a referee. Our Firm (me and the missus) arrived at London Bridge just before the pubs opened. We headed down Borough High Street, had a quick snoofty around Borough Market and made a bee-line for the alehouses as soon as the doors opened. Most of the boozers were crammed full of rough-looking Millwall older lads, with a few young Norwich fans mingling around in their yellow and green scarves – this answered my question as to who was at the New Den today.

We eventually got a good seat in the Fuller’s Barrowboy and Banker, where the pie was lovely and the ale spot on, and watched most of the Scouse derby before supping up and heading to Brisbane Road on the Central Line. Albion had the whole of the rickety old East Stand in the Matchworn Stadium, and as we rocked up late we had to settle for two seats behind one of the rusting stanchions holding up the roof, which restricted the view of the penalty area to our left. But the atmosphere was already electric and the crowd were well up for this one.

The game? No Nicky Forster anywhere – he’s in contractual dispute with the club, they better get their act together as he’s still for me our best striker, regardless of how old he is. We took the lead after their keeper had a Graeme Smith/David James moment and Glenn Murray rounded him and passed the ball into an empty net, 1-0. Then the game got really feisty, tackles flew in and tempers flared. We had another Murray strike ruled offside, then Dickinson, who was magnificent yesterday, was clearly fouled in the area – play on waved the idiot in black. It was so blatant even the O’s in the ground were quiet. Gus Poyet blew a gasket on the far touchline and was promptly sent off by the ref – Steve Cook – I’m sure I’ve mentioned this dickhead before in a match this season at Withdean, what a whopper this guy is.

We were the better team, playing on the deck and making for a good game, but Mr Cook couldn’t keep blowing that fucking whistle, he ruined the second half, and even I was as convinced as the maniacs around me that he had a red shirt on under his black one. The final straw was when Michel Kuipers slipped as he tried to make a clearance and was forced to handle a back-pass, Orient won a very suspect indirect free-kick about 15 yards from goal. The whole Albion team packed the goalmouth and when the subsequent shot rebounded and fell to Dick Dastardly himself (AKA Scott McGleish) he stuck it in the Onion bag, their keeper gave us the “Can’t hear you now” sign, the spacker, and Scotty boy got booked for his over-exhuberant celebration which in older times, along with the Orient keeper’s little display, would have started a pitch invasion and punch-up. The rather friendly Orient steward near us was looking distinctly worried as we were dancing about and snarling at this point.

It was a good performance from the team, if not a particularly good result. Best players in my opinion were: Virgo and Elphick, solid once again in defence (I’m happy to report since we play the big teams back to back again soon). The midfield four were excellent too, apart from giving the ball away a tad too much later on – Gary Dicker was the most creative, he’s a class act this lad. But stand up big Liam Dickinson. The gangly knock-kneed giant with bananas for feet was brilliant for me. He gave 150% the whole game and barnstormed their dirty defenders, they didn’t know what to do with him. Man of the Match.

After the game I was bushwhacked (as in tired, not filled in by Sarf London’s finest) as we got to Southwark again by Tube – a return fixture at the Barrowboy was a game too far and I was almost kipping on the shite First Capital Connect train as it was delayed and virtually crawled back to good old Brighton. Another good day out though, I’m chuffed to bits to be back living at home and following the stripes around the rusty old stadia of this green and pleasant land.

The Hovian’s Albion Team Performance : 7 out of 10

The Hovian’s Albion Man of the Match : Liam Dickinson

Albion Team (goalscorers in bold):

(4-4-2) Kuipers; Calderon, Virgo, Elphick, Painter; Bennett, Crofts, Navarro, Dicker; Murray (Hart 75), Dickinson.

(Subs): Brezovan, Cox, Tunnicliffe, Carole, Hoyte, Holroyd, Hart

Attendance: 6027 (1834 Albion)

League One table

Sunday, 7 February 2010 00:00 UK

Position Team P GD PTS
Full League One table
1 Norwich 30 33 63
2 Leeds United 28 29 61
3 Charlton 30 20 57
4 Colchester 28 14 52
5 Millwall 29 12 49
6 Swindon 27 8 49
7 Huddersfield 27 20 46
8 MK Dons 29 6 46
9 Bristol Rovers 28 -8 39
10 Brentford 28 1 37
11 Leyton Orient 29 -5 35
12 Southampton 28 15 34
13 Walsall 27 1 34
14 Yeovil 29 -2 34
15 Carlisle 28 -4 34
16 Hartlepool 30 -10 32
17 Southend 28 -7 31
18 Exeter 30 -11 31
19 Oldham 26 -9 29
20 Gillingham 29 -11 29
21 Brighton 28 -13 29
22 Tranmere 28 -23 26
23 Wycombe 30 -25 23
24 Stockport 28 -31 16

A casual buy No. 9

February 2, 2010

Another cracker from the immaculate Baracuta clothing company. I’ve always been a fan of button-down long sleeved shirts. They are smarter for the casual look as they hold the collar neatly under a v-neck knit or cardigan. Ordinary collars are for suits (button-down collars with suits are for Wall Street Yanks, not British Gents, but that’s another story).

This G9 shirt is slim fit, which looks smart only if you get the right size (or larger than normal), and as it’s in a neutral beige it goes with any colour knit or jacket. It also looks great with jeans or cords and any footwear. Shirts like these should be a staple in any casual wardrobe, they are the glue that holds the look together.

Probably the best place to pick up any Baracuta clothing online is over at Atom Retro, where they have ELEVEN pages dedicated to Baracuta clothing alone. It is a shop dedicated to mod and retro clothing, but those of a casual bent will find lots of nice clobber there to go along with their newer labels. Happy hunting.