No seriously, WTF? The only sense I can make of this is that Nicky Forster must be on his way back.

On his way to The Posh - Bananaman AKA Liam Dickinson

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5 Responses to “WTF?”

  1. glasfryn Says:

    Gus is slowly getting rid of those who as they say don’t do whats on the label

    this time next year I doubt we will recognize any of the team other than those who are doing it right, now, it looks a bit like Gus has a tenet of if you are to old,to young, or just fecking useless you are gone
    it is a business after all


  2. The Hovian Says:

    Yeah, he seems to have some grand overall plan, but we haven’t many strikers left now. A low-scoring Liam Dickinson is better than no striker at all, in my humble opinion.

    Tunnicliffe was a strange one too, but hey I’m only a fan. Are we prepared to drop a division to rebuild the team from scratch? Who knows? If we’re not then Poyet has taken the wrong route into management; if we are (and I’m not unduly worried about going down, this is BHAFC after all ;)) then the vision and sheer chutzpah of the man, and the Lizard, is admirable – knock it all down then build it all up to how it should have been years ago. Let’s face it, if Gus had come and we started winning every week he’d have been off quicker than you can say “Coca-Cola Championship” in the summer.

    One thing you say above I totally agree with G is that the Albion first team will be unrecognisable next year if Poyet is still around.

    Leeds on Saturday will be feisty either way, I can’t wait.


  3. Stockport Says:

    Dickinson is shit hot when he gets a good run, scored on his Posh debut didn’t he? enough said.

    • The Hovian Says:

      He was odds-on to score for Peterborough, I should’ve had a flutter on it. Albion strikers ALWAYS do the business just after we let them go.

      Thanks for the comment mate and welcome to the blog


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