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As I mentioned before (and you probably missed or ignored) I draw a small comic strip for The Seagull Love Review, BHAFC’s only current unofficial fanzine. It (the fanzine, not the cartoon) is one of the finest works of contemporary English Literature to be found anywhere today. Ok it’s not, it’s a collection of juvenile lunacy produced by blokes who are old enough to know better, but that’s what fanzines are all about – piss-taking fun in support of their chosen team.

Of course TSLR have an abundance of comedic raw material to choose from – anything related to Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club is always game for a laugh (you’d cry otherwise, wouldn’t you?). So, if you see it at the match being held aloft by some timid young fellow – whether he’s barring your way to the turnstile or interfering with your half-time burger queueing – to get rid of him just dig into the old sky rocket and one golden nugget will see him off until the next month. Then viola! you have something to read on the khazi Sunday morning after you evacuate the remains of ten pints of piss weak lager, a hotdog, two bags of cheese and onion, and a mouldy three cheese sandwich bought from the M&S food hall at Victoria at 11pm.

These are the latest two strips from TSLR 17 & 18, I’m working on some new stuff now, well not right now as I’m off out to get shitfaced in a minute, then tomorrow I’ll be away at Oldham all day………fuck me I do go on sometimes.


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