A casual buy no. 12


Before washing your EDWIN Jeans for the first time you should try and wear them for as long as possible. We recommend 6 months at least. You don’t need to try any tricks, just wear them as much as possible! It is an unique partnership between you and your jeans, the characteristics of wear depend upon your particular regime and lifestyle. If you keep to this your jeans will be unique to you alone.

So goes the care guide with a new pair of unwashed Edwin selvage jeans. They come  like a blank canvas, stiff and full of unwashed indigo dye, and you have to wear the fuckers for at least six months before you wash them. That’s six months of smelly trains, pubs, and sweaty bollocks, of filthy football ground toilets and splashed urine (not always your own!), ok enough!

They have stained my legs, trainers, shirts and cushions blue. Edwins aren’t cheap – they’re Japanese, which reads “expensive” for some unfathomable reason – and the wearing of them in is ritualised in a way only the Japanese could think up. I’ve already had them in the freezer twice to get rid of slighty iffy smells. So why bother with this nonsense?

I’ve had my pair for three months now, and they are funky gunky, but already they are taking shape, fading in the creases my body naturally makes. When I wash them for the first time they will look fantastic, and more importantly, unique – no other pair of jeans, Edwin or otherwise, will look like mine. That’s reason enough why the discerning dresser should seek out a pair for himself.


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