Pies in his eyes


Working Class Boy From The North

I’m plugging another blogger here on The Hovian, Reds Bricks and Coal (Working Class Boy From The North), is quite similar to this site, in that the author (my good mate “GrimUpNorth”, or “Grimothy” to his mates and possibly his mam) is football daft and likes his casual clobber.

Young Grim is an avid Pie-head, in that he supports Wigan Athletic FC (no-ones perfect!), and writes some great stuff – on his team, general casuality, movies, and especially about the latest new music he likes. So, drop by for a read and bookmark his blog, he’s writing good stuff over there.

Not unlike Grim in real life


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6 Responses to “Pies in his eyes”

  1. Grimothy Says:

    Thanks for the plug S, Will do something similar on my website.

    Thanks again


  2. barrell86 Says:

    Had a nose at this blog the other day, like the little thing on the Mudhunter fanzine, Im with him on this, more fanzines need to be done, there’s only 1 remaining at Everton and that’s “Speke from the Harbour” it’s a good read, used to be another one called “When Skies are Grey” but seems to have disappeared of late.
    Good Blog, added to the Blogroll

  3. The Hovian Says:

    Cheers for that Mr Barrell. I’m amazed that a club with a history and size of Everton has only one fanzine left. It’s a reflection of the state of the game today, the boys who produce TSLR actually get negativity & some verbal from a tiny minority of our own fans when they sell it at matchday – some people are unbelievable.

    You could also blame the internet and fan forums etc, but it allows for weblogs too, so I have to be careful here. I think any fan-produced media entity should be welcomed – it’s all a lot of fans have left to contribute (apart from their wallet contents) , especially in the big league


  4. Grimothy Says:

    Thanks for having a look at the Blog Barrel, Just had a quick read of your website and I have to say great read!

    S, You are right about fanzines there used to be the cockney latics at Springfield park that then went to the wall and since the premier leage MFE has been produced, They have all been through latics thick and thin and the website that runs it is http://www.mudhutsmedia.co.uk they organise ” Nostalgia” evenings where people do book readings etc its a good laugh.

    Could you send me a brighton Fanzine up S in exchange for a Wigan one would like to see what other peoples fanzines are like in particular.



  5. The Hovian Says:

    Will do Grim


  6. Ariel Denmark Says:

    Can you believe it, I got goosebumps from the spectacular post?

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