A casual buy no. 17


I’m not a big trainerhead. Let’s get that sorted straight off. I’ve always preferred to be shod in a nice pair of shoes or boots. I can see the attraction of trainer porn/collecting but it never appealed to me much. Saying that, I do like trainers – they’re low maintenance, usually cheap(er), and you have literally thousands available to choose from, including the good, the weird and the plain awful.

I do own a fairly small-sized collection of trainers, and add to it now and again. But, I don’t care much for the holy grail approach – forking out silly money for rare adidas etc, then slobbering all over them – I buy them to wear them, and then they go in the bin when they’re fucked. I don’t care if they’re particularly hip or sought after, my tastes are eclectic and not slavishly “adidas”, after all trainers are “casual” wear in the very literal meaning of the word. There are a few rules I always stick to though when buying a new pair:

  1. Never buy snides – always genuine branded trainers, usually adidas or Diadora
  2. They must look retro – space age/modern “styling” is not for me (unless I’m actually going to run in them)
  3. They must be new – buying tatty second hand Trimm Trabs is just wrong, as is any second hand clobber in my opinion
  4. Don’t spend over £100 – save it for other items, like a nice jacket

I saw these ZX 600 while idly scanning the Bay a wee while ago, I like the odd green/brown colourway, there’s a lot in my wardrobe than can go with these. They were fairly cheap too. They’re not particularly coolio, but they’ll do for me. Sorted.


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