A casual buy no. 18


I bought this smart little Folk raincoat a few weeks ago, I kept passing it in the window of Peggs & Son on Ship Street. Finally I went in “just for a look” with the missus; five minutes later I walked out with the last coat in my size left in the shop. My missus rolled her all-too-knowing eyes and said “I knew you couldn’t go in there without buying something!!” It’s true, it’s like an addiction, but I blame the Peggs guys for their flattering window lighting.

“Folk was born in 2001 when Cathal Mcateer was given the opportunity to achieve his aspiration of creating a menswear collection that his friends would like to wear. The collections are not trend led but are defined by a handcrafted aesthetic that creates simple staple favourites with subtle, fun and quirky detailing that allows their owner to make a statement without having to shout too loudly about it.”


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2 Responses to “A casual buy no. 18”

  1. Glass Siren Says:

    Could you stretch your addiction to something a little more edgy? http://www.glasssiren.co.uk is gaining ground in the terrace fashion arena. Interested to know if your missus will roll her eyes at the designs.

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