The World Cup just got better today…


…because the Football League One fixtures for next season came out this morning! Forget about that oddball tourny in South Africa, with its cold (fucking cold! in the World Cup?!?!) fans and their stupid horns and clothes, the real football starts with a quick gander at where the Hovian, trusty camera in hand, will be marching into from August until May 2011.

It’s the last ever season at Withdean, and I’ve finally got around to purchasing my season ticket in Block H. This of course should guarantee me a decent seat at Falmer in 2011/2012, but enough of that, it’s too early to worry about it. I’m now also working shifts, which will surely make me miss some top games I’d otherwise be travelling to; but I really want to get to Scumhampton again, and get my arse over to Bournemouth and Plymouth. Oop north for Wednesday at Hillsborough is another one, and Notts County is another awayday I’ll be sniffing at.

So you can keep your overpaid metrosexuals, your bandwagon-jumping “celebrity football fans”, your fake-tan slapper WAGs, and your vuvuzelas (a free pint all season courtesy of yours truly for the first chap to knock out any whopper blowing one of these at our match), the real thing is almost here again. Bliss.


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