Fugue for a Monday morning


Monday morning, when life’s just a drag and you sometimes wonder about the banal meaningless of your very existence in the face of a cold, indifferent universe. Or, the start of the working bastard week and you can’t be arsed to crawl out of your scratcher – either way it’s a time that we all dread. You need a pick-me-up, how about setting it to a soundtrack? That’s what I do, and I’ll share what’s getting played the most on my iPod each Monday am.

The Stone Roses were, for a fleeting moment around 1989, the Coolest People On The Planet™, and Ian Brown was the coolest Rose, long before he slipped into self-parody with his ridiculous faux scally simian years of ‘Monkey Man’. I was in my late teens when Acid House kicked off, and it took me a little while to get into the Balearic/House music scene. Bands like the Roses and the Happy Mondays made the transition from guitar music to electronic beats that much more smooth than it otherwise would have been. In this video from The Other Side of Midnight, the Stone Roses were a cut above anything else that was being done at this time, the sound and the look were unique, and a welcome relief from the wilderness of Stock, Aitken & Waterman pop tarts and farts. Enjoy.


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