A casual buy no. 20


Picked up yet another pair of white trainers, I really have to re-think my white leather fetish. But at least these are special, a BNIB pair of the 2009 re-issue of the adidas Kegler Super.

The original Keglers were innovative in that they introduced to the world the ‘Peg System’ – which allowed the wearer to change the feel of the shoe to suit whatever activity they were partaking in. Oddly, no-one ever explained what these settings were; what was best for walking, playing footy, climbing trees or even being on your toes after nicking sweets from the corner shop? So, a gimmick, but a nice harmless one.

The 2009 re-issues were in a blue-red-blue colourway and the leather was perforated, and they sold out in no time. So, I’ll be treating these with kid gloves – no trekking through the mud between the Station pub to Withdean in them. It will be hard not to slip them on more, because these are the most comfortable and good-looking trainers I’ve worn in many a year.


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2 Responses to “A casual buy no. 20”

  1. Glevan Says:

    Where did you get the Keglers? mine are wrecked now but been searching for ages for the originals.



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