A casual buy no. 21


I picked up this brand new button-down shirt from Faconnable for under £15, a real bargain. Faconnable make high end mens and womens fashionwear, with the onus on ‘elegance’. Well, I’m built like a docker with an underactive thyroid, so while ‘elegant’ is an epithet that would never be used to describe me, I’m not too fussed and can fill a shirt out just as good as anyone.


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3 Responses to “A casual buy no. 21”

  1. Jon Says:

    just came across your blog, mate. it’s good – i like the humour, the subject matter, the simplicity of it. I’ve bookmarked it anyway. Best of luck

  2. The Hovian Says:


    Cheers mate, glad you like it, and welcome

  3. Jason Heath Says:

    Hello The Hovian,
    This blog looks rather successful and I was wondering if you could help? I was looking at your forum and thought this may be of interest to the people using this website. My name is Jason Heath and I’m working on behalf of the football league. The football league is launching a new FREE exciting application for the I-phone. This OFFICAL football league application is football specific to each club in the football league, and has lots of benefits in order to enhance fans football experience.

    Could you please send me details of who to contact so I can send more details about this exciting new application? If you could email me on jason.heath@threepipe.co.uk that would be brilliant.

    Thank You

    Jason Heath (Threepipe)

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