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Albion 2 – 1 Walsall

August 29, 2010

First home win, but it came from what was a tight nervy game until Ash Barnes broke his 2010-11 duck in the second half. Walsall came to spoil and harry, and edged the first half for me.

Murray and Barnes were superb yesterday up front, Murray should have scored a few, but crossing for Barnes’ goal was consolation of sorts. After that the Albion dominated, and even more so when a red card was shown at Withdean which wasn’t aimed at one of our players! Nice one. Marcos Painter scored an easy header to make it two and notch up his first competitive goal.

It was downhill all the way after that, although the ref felt guilty enough about sending their player off that he intercepted a pass between our back line and played Walsall through for a late consolation goal in injury time.

Best performances: Elphick was superb at the back. Barnes tried hard and deserved his goal, sheer effort making up for his poor touch and turkey-style running. Calderon was busy down the right wing. Murray gave a masterclass in leading the line, deserving a goal or two as well. But I’m giving man of the match to Painter, he really enjoyed himself and was running the Walsall right flank ragged.

The Hovian’s Team performance :  6 out 10

The Hovian’s Man of the Match :  Marcos Painter

Npower League One table

Sunday, 29 August 2010 00:00 UK

Position Team P GD PTS
Full Npower League One table
1 Sheff Wed 4 8 10
2 Peterborough 4 4 9
3 Carlisle 4 5 8
4 Oldham 4 4 8
5 Bournemouth 4 6 7
6 Huddersfield 4 3 7
7 Brighton 4 1 7
8 Charlton 4 1 7
9 Colchester 4 1 6
10 Walsall 4 0 6
11 MK Dons 3 -1 6
12 Rochdale 4 1 5
13 Hartlepool 4 -3 5
14 Southampton 3 3 4
15 Leyton Orient 4 0 4
16 Yeovil 4 -2 4
17 Plymouth 4 -3 4
18 Notts County 4 -5 4
19 Bristol R 4 -6 4
20 Swindon 4 -2 2
21 Exeter 3 -3 2
22 Tranmere 4 -4 2
23 Dag & Red 3 -3 1
24 Brentford 4 -5 1

A casual buy no. 24

August 25, 2010

A lightweight rain mac from Penfield. I really like this brand, from its truly iconic Sanford bobble hat, to the 60/40 Vassan parka. A US brand established in Massachusetts in 1975, Penfield is popular with all sorts of people – outdoors types, preppy students, and of course match-going lads. An everyman label.

Lightweight nylon with an inner mesh lining, this coat is light enough for warm and wet Autumn weather, and looks great worn unzipped over a smart button down check shirt, an instantly classic look.

Sheffield Wednesday 1 – 0 Albion

August 22, 2010

A long  journey yesterday, ultimately unsatisfactory. It started well enough on the train up – plenty of Guinness, and after a swift pint near Sheffield station, then a couple more in the away-fan friendly Horse and Jockey, into the Leppings Lane stand for 2.30pm.

The crowd of 18,674, including about 1500 Albionites, wasn’t the loudest, with our lot very subdued. But Hillsborough is a lovely old ground, even when half-full. I only managed these four pictures, after an over-zealous clem of a steward threatened to get me evicted when he saw my camera – citing copyright laws.

Wednesday are a better side than us, and it showed for large parts of this match. They are strong, fast and attack using the full width of the park; have no doubt – this team will be thereabouts next May, top three, possibly Champions. That’s not to say we were poor, because being ever so slightly outclassed we still battled well, even after the home side should have seen red twice.

Albion did enough to earn a point, but we were never going to beat Wednesday. Angerken had a good afternoon – he needed one – but wasn’t close to their well taken goal. The back four were edgy, especially El-Abd, who was visibly unnerved after fatboy Mellor floored him early on and walked away without even mild rebuke from the ref. Captaincy has improved Inigo Calderon’s game, but he still doesn’t look like the flying full back of last season.

It was in another battling midfield display that our best players were – Smith, Dicker, and Kishishev, the latter being my man of the match again. Murray and Barnes had a tough time against a very solid Sheffield back four, the most impressive part of a very good side.

I was lucky getting home – leaving just before the 90 was up I walked past the lines of coppers and only just caught the eye of a speeding Hackney cab driver. He got me to Sheffield station in time for the 1725 to St. Pancras, the tubes were kind and after getting a bottle of plonk at Victoria I was back in the house drinking it by 9:30pm, result.

The Hovian’s Team performance :  6 out 10

The Hovian’s Man of the Match :  Radostin Kishishev

Npower League One table

Sunday, 22 August 2010 00:00 UK

Position Team P GD PTS
Full Npower League One table
1 Carlisle 3 5 7
2 Oldham 3 4 7
3 Charlton 3 3 7
4 Sheff Wed 3 3 7
5 Bournemouth 3 6 6
6 Peterborough 3 1 6
7 Walsall 3 1 6
8 Hartlepool 3 2 5
9 Colchester 3 1 5
10 Huddersfield 3 1 4
11 Brighton 3 0 4
12 Plymouth 3 0 4
13 Bristol R 3 -2 4
14 MK Dons 2 -2 3
15 Yeovil 3 -2 3
16 Notts County 3 -5 3
17 Exeter 2 0 2
18 Swindon 3 -1 2
19 Rochdale 3 -1 2
20 Southampton 2 -1 1
21 Leyton Orient 3 -3 1
22 Brentford 3 -3 1
23 Tranmere 3 -4 1
24 Dag & Red 2 -3 0

“Looks like rain again Sir”

August 17, 2010

I got my hair cut today, a smart 1950s short back ‘n’ sides at Gwydyr Hairdressers in Church Road, Hove. The oldest barbershop in Brighton and Hove (est. 1890), a visit to the lower ground floor premises are a short descent into the past.

Like most blokes, I spend a good part of my life walking the streets looking for that perfect barber – I had one in my youth, but he hung up his white coat, steel comb and Brylcreem when I was still in my teens. Since then I have been cropped by lazy disinterested YTS trollops, peroxide Bonnie Tyler rip-offs, and all other types of ‘unisex’ wastrels, who wouldn’t know their number two clippers from their idle football chat.

But not Gwydyr, this really is a gem, as nowadays real barbers are dying out quicker than good pubs. It is not just a haircut I go for, but to bond and escape from listening to Chris Moyles gobbing off on an overloud radio while some dopey Doris murders my hairstyle. The Argus are visiting the old place today they tell me, to commemorate 120 years of doing it right. If you’re in the central Hove area, and in need of a good trim, then get yourself along to the little shop underneath Gwydyr Mansions, you won’t be disappointed.

Contact details:

Gwydyr Hairdressers
Gwydyr Mansions, Church Road, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 1JW
01273 732923

Fugue for a Monday morning

August 16, 2010

A guilty pleasure on this Monday’s playlist, ‘We Can’t Be Stopped’ by the Geto Boys. Forget your Fiddy Cent and all the other pseudo-rappers about nowadays, these boys from unfashionable Houston, Texas were the real deal, from a time when Rap was the real angry voice of young black America.

Along with LA’s NWA and New York’s Public Enemy, the Geto Boys had a hard-hitting message, and of the three were by far the most raw, and in my opinion, the most memorable. The fact they were from the heart of redneck Texas gave them a ring of authenticity that the other more popular acts – from the two cosmopolitan US coasts – could never match. I got into them in 1993 when I picked up a copy of their ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ LP. But the earlier tune here is probably their greatest, along with ‘G.E.T.O.’ (which I couldn’t find on YouTube).

Scarface, Big Mike, and the incomparable Bushwick Bill (the little fella on the hospital trolly above, see the wiki-link) – great music for when you need to let it all out, it sets you up for the week ahead, m*tha f*cka

Albion 2 – 2 Rochdale

August 14, 2010

The horror, the horror. Let’s get it out there right now – Casper Angerken had a horrowshow out there today, it was of Robert Green proportions, and it came in the last minute of extra-time when ten Albionites were hanging on bravely for a well-earned three points. Mitch Walker should be stood up right now, both Poke and Angerken have thrown one in each already, get the young lad in there until Brezovan is fit again.

So, the first game of the last Withdean season has been played. It pissed down as per the script, although the sun came out to recharge a crap Rochdale team in the second half. Albion’s indifferent form at Withdean was evident, along with our indiscipline, both a hangover from last season. I didn’t see Gordon Greer getting a straight red, but I was assured that the Rochdale sub ‘simulated’ an assault on his person. El-Abd was ample cover but Jamie Smith, who was very lively, had to make way.

We played just as well with ten men, Bennett scored his trademark net buster, and Murray worried and harried well, linking up nicely with Ash Barnes. But for a complete rick by Angerken this would have been a comfortable win. The silver lining is that we can play well even with ten, and the team spirit is just about right. We’ll beat these easy up there. Man of the match? Close between Murray, Painter, Kishishev and Gary Dicker, but the Bulgarian wins it for a fearless display in front of the back four that disguises the fact he’s an old fart of 36.

Game on next Saturday at Hillsborough (I’m there), should be a cracking game.

The Hovian’s Team performance :  7 out 10

The Hovian’s Man of the Match :  Radostin Kishishev

Npower League One table

Saturday, 14 August 2010 17:09 UK

Position Team P GD PTS
Full Npower League One table
1 Oldham 2 4 6
2 Charlton 2 3 6
3 Huddersfield 2 3 4
4 Carlisle 2 2 4
5 Sheff Wed 2 2 4
6 Brighton 2 1 4
7 Plymouth 2 1 4
8 Bournemouth 2 3 3
9 MK Dons 1 1 3
10 Walsall 2 0 3
11 Yeovil 2 0 3
12 Peterborough 2 -1 3
13 Bristol R 2 -2 3
14 Colchester 2 0 2
15 Hartlepool 2 0 2
16 Rochdale 2 0 2
17 Exeter 1 0 1
18 Swindon 2 -1 1
19 Tranmere 2 -1 1
20 Southampton 1 -1 0
21 Dag & Red 1 -2 0
22 Leyton Orient 2 -3 0
23 Brentford 2 -3 0
24 Notts County 2 -6 0


August 12, 2010

New season, new look ‘TSLR’. The Seagull Love Review has an improved format for the 2010-2011 Football League season. My only contribution to issue 21 is this cartoon commemorating the Albion’s turbulent pre-season trip to the Algarve, ‘chaps abroad’ and all that.

Still only priced at one golden nugget (£1), TSLR is one of the best value fanzines out there, and the only one loosely affiliated to Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club. If you haven’t picked one up at Swindon or you miss the sellers outside Withers on Saturday, then you can order a copy here, through the fanzine’s excellent blogsite.

A casual buy no. 23

August 11, 2010

I scoped out these Puma Whirlwind downtown, they were cheapish so I picked up a pair although I certainly don’t need more trainers. That’s what happens when you head to the shops for a nose when you’re working shifts and have a spare mid-week day to arse about in. I came, I saw, I bought – another shoe box to add to the fourth (cardboard) wall I’m forever building in the spare room at Hovian Mansions.

After the Bavarian Dassler brothers split acrimoniously in 1948, with Adi setting up ‘adidas’ one side of the river Aurach and Rudi on t’other, the older Rudi’s ‘Puma’ sportswear company has played second fiddle to the younger Dassler’s sporting empire. When I say second fiddle, that is the case in worldwide appeal, and of course among Britain’s terrace dressers.

The fact that Puma aren’t as popular as adidas has nothing to do with quality – Puma has always produced well-made and iconic footwear and sporting apparel; Puma have/had a certain appeal to casuals who have seen the three stripes adorned by all sorts of whoppers from every strata of modern society. If less is more then Puma is your trainer of choice. I like both, and probably prefer adidas, but I’m not a slavish collector of either.

My personal favourite Puma trainer is the Suede, a classic that will appeal to future lads as much as it has to previous generations of terrace tearaways. My trainer wall will now not be added to until next spring, I have to dig out the hiking boots and Clarks now that Winter is slowly approaching and the last piss-wet season at Withdean is upon us.

Northampton 2 – 0 Albion

August 11, 2010

Not arsed. When I say not arsed I mean I don’t care about getting beaten in the Carling Cup, after all Gus Poyet played a lot of second string players here. I’m more bothered that Alan Navarro is properly crocked, and Matt Sparrow is out for three games after getting a straight red. Two games into the 2010/11 season and the Albion already have four yellows and one red to show for their troubles.

Stuck again at work, I was more than a little pleased to be sat inside, out of the wind and rain, listening to a dismal football match on the wireless. I bet it pisses down at Withdean on Saturday as well.

Swindon 1 – 2 Albion

August 7, 2010

Best start possible. I listened to this match on the radio at work, sounded like a good ‘un. Matty Sparrow hit two great goals, which I’m looking forward to watching tonight on the Football League Show, and we were hanging on at the end, but the team deserved the win. Southampton got beat too LOL

I know it’s daft to look at the league table after one game, but I’m including it here as a post-filler. Top five, let’s stay there all season.

Npower League One table

Saturday, 7 August 2010 17:05 UK

Position Team P GD PTS
Full Npower League One table
1 Huddersfield 1 3 3
2 Peterborough 1 3 3
3 Carlisle 1 2 3
4 Sheff Wed 1 2 3
5 Brighton 1 1 3
6 MK Dons 1 1 3
7 Oldham 1 1 3
8 Yeovil 1 1 3
9 Charlton 1 1 3
10 Plymouth 1 1 3
11 Colchester 1 0 1
12 Exeter 1 0 1
13 Hartlepool 1 0 1
14 Rochdale 1 0 1
15 Leyton Orient 1 -1 0
16 Swindon 1 -1 0
17 Tranmere 1 -1 0
18 Walsall 1 -1 0
19 Bournemouth 1 -1 0
20 Southampton 1 -1 0
21 Brentford 1 -2 0
22 Dag & Red 1 -2 0
23 Bristol R 1 -3 0
24 Notts County 1 -3 0