AW Moncler and Stone Island


The Autumn/Winter 2010-2011 collections are out now. Each season sees clothing obsessives checking out the top end designers and brand websites, drooling over clothes they don’t need and can’t afford, hoping some item will still be in stock in their size come the end of season sale.

Already I have eyes on two pieces of outerwear on both Moncler’s and Stone Island’s AW collections. Moncler are the definitive ‘luxury’ brand, they don’t change much, but their clothing is second to none when it comes to mountain and extreme weather wear – it looks good, extremely good. Stone Island is much reviled by many, it has been done to death in ‘football lad’ culture, but SPW still turn out the odd great piece of outerwear. Personally I don’t care what other people think about a particular brand, if I see something I like, I go for it and wear it regardless.

I won’t say which two I have dibs on, but I know I will have to budget to afford even one of these two jackets, maybe I’ll pick one up for xmas, and pick up the other if I sell some stuff on, or wait for the sale in the spring.


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4 Responses to “AW Moncler and Stone Island”

  1. 19sixtysix Says:

    Can almost guess which Moncler jacket – it’s between three – and a touch harder to guess which SI as there’s a few decent ones although a couple of shockers!

  2. The Hovian Says:

    The Moncler Dijon 😉

    That’s the thing about SPW these days, loads of chaff with the odd piece of wheat.


  3. 19sixtysix Says:

    Keen as mustard, eh?

    Good result for your boys today.

  4. The Hovian Says:

    Yup, good start, I’m going to Hillsborough on the 21st, that’ll be a tougher test


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