A casual buy no. 23


I scoped out these Puma Whirlwind downtown, they were cheapish so I picked up a pair although I certainly don’t need more trainers. That’s what happens when you head to the shops for a nose when you’re working shifts and have a spare mid-week day to arse about in. I came, I saw, I bought – another shoe box to add to the fourth (cardboard) wall I’m forever building in the spare room at Hovian Mansions.

After the Bavarian Dassler brothers split acrimoniously in 1948, with Adi setting up ‘adidas’ one side of the river Aurach and Rudi on t’other, the older Rudi’s ‘Puma’ sportswear company has played second fiddle to the younger Dassler’s sporting empire. When I say second fiddle, that is the case in worldwide appeal, and of course among Britain’s terrace dressers.

The fact that Puma aren’t as popular as adidas has nothing to do with quality – Puma has always produced well-made and iconic footwear and sporting apparel; Puma have/had a certain appeal to casuals who have seen the three stripes adorned by all sorts of whoppers from every strata of modern society. If less is more then Puma is your trainer of choice. I like both, and probably prefer adidas, but I’m not a slavish collector of either.

My personal favourite Puma trainer is the Suede, a classic that will appeal to future lads as much as it has to previous generations of terrace tearaways. My trainer wall will now not be added to until next spring, I have to dig out the hiking boots and Clarks now that Winter is slowly approaching and the last piss-wet season at Withdean is upon us.


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4 Responses to “A casual buy no. 23”

  1. richom Says:

    Nice trainers – good pics, too. What camera you using?

  2. Jimmy Jazz Says:

    Nice them. A lot of the latest Puma reissues have been nicer than the more recent adidas reissues in my humble. The Glasgow trainer, for example, is fucking horrible.

  3. The Hovian Says:

    Yup, they’re usually a safe bet Puma

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