Fugue for a Monday morning


A guilty pleasure on this Monday’s playlist, ‘We Can’t Be Stopped’ by the Geto Boys. Forget your Fiddy Cent and all the other pseudo-rappers about nowadays, these boys from unfashionable Houston, Texas were the real deal, from a time when Rap was the real angry voice of young black America.

Along with LA’s NWA and New York’s Public Enemy, the Geto Boys had a hard-hitting message, and of the three were by far the most raw, and in my opinion, the most memorable. The fact they were from the heart of redneck Texas gave them a ring of authenticity that the other more popular acts – from the two cosmopolitan US coasts – could never match. I got into them in 1993 when I picked up a copy of their ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ LP. But the earlier tune here is probably their greatest, along with ‘G.E.T.O.’ (which I couldn’t find on YouTube).

Scarface, Big Mike, and the incomparable Bushwick Bill (the little fella on the hospital trolly above, see the wiki-link) – great music for when you need to let it all out, it sets you up for the week ahead, m*tha f*cka



One Response to “Fugue for a Monday morning”

  1. jon Says:

    good choice of music. great tune

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