“Looks like rain again Sir”


I got my hair cut today, a smart 1950s short back ‘n’ sides at Gwydyr Hairdressers in Church Road, Hove. The oldest barbershop in Brighton and Hove (est. 1890), a visit to the lower ground floor premises are a short descent into the past.

Like most blokes, I spend a good part of my life walking the streets looking for that perfect barber – I had one in my youth, but he hung up his white coat, steel comb and Brylcreem when I was still in my teens. Since then I have been cropped by lazy disinterested YTS trollops, peroxide Bonnie Tyler rip-offs, and all other types of ‘unisex’ wastrels, who wouldn’t know their number two clippers from their idle football chat.

But not Gwydyr, this really is a gem, as nowadays real barbers are dying out quicker than good pubs. It is not just a haircut I go for, but to bond and escape from listening to Chris Moyles gobbing off on an overloud radio while some dopey Doris murders my hairstyle. The Argus are visiting the old place today they tell me, to commemorate 120 years of doing it right. If you’re in the central Hove area, and in need of a good trim, then get yourself along to the little shop underneath Gwydyr Mansions, you won’t be disappointed.

Contact details:

Gwydyr Hairdressers
Gwydyr Mansions, Church Road, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 1JW
01273 732923


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