A casual buy no. 26



Ma.Strum is a new menswear label created from the archives of outerwear innovator Massimo Osti by Donrad Duncan, former designer for lifestyle brand Victorinox. The label’s first season was Autumn-Winter 2009. The military-inspired collection features a sub-brand bearing the Massimo Osti Archive label and includes pieces in cotton sateen, shape-memory cotton and carbon-coated cotton fabrics in a colour palette of navy, white and khaki with shots of yellow and orange.

I picked up this cross-dyed shape-memory torch jacket from Ma.Strum’s first ever Spring-Summer (2010) collection, after already owning a grey field officer quad jacket from A-W 09. It’s a quirky label, much as you’d expect from the archive of the great man himself. It’s all very military looking, which equates to ‘smart’ in my book, very Mussolini (but you can keep his politics).

The torch jacket comes with a solar-powered torch (funnily enough), that is surprisingly bright when turned on. Little bits and bobs like that certainly float the boat of this particular gadgethead. The material is cross-dyed, which gives the shimmer effect when viewed at different angles, similar to pieces in the Stone Island range. With the huge devoted following that Osti/SPW has I expect Ma.Strum to be done to death sooner rather than later, I hope not, but even if the Chav Nation get into it, it still doesn’t take away from what is a very promising range of designer clothing.

Here’s the official video from the Ma.Strum design shop, where Massimo’s son Lorenzo and Donrad Duncan talk about their aims for the brand, and where that odd name comes from:


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7 Responses to “A casual buy no. 26”

  1. Darren Says:

    Nice piece – I like that a lot. Where did you pick it up from? Can only find a green one online (supposedly half price at £187.50)

  2. The Hovian Says:

    Hi Darren,

    Very difficult to find one now, these are the most popular jacket from Ma.Strum to date. I paid full whack for mine when they were released in the Spring 😦

    I would keep checking eBay, certain to come up for sale at some point


  3. john Says:

    Hi great web site have a soft spot for Brighton since 83 should have won it keep up the good work on the casual seen with the pics of new gear very helpful
    Celtic/Leeds fan from Ireland

  4. LeedsAnd Proud Says:

    Got the green one and will keep hold of as they will go up in value like the 1 st season millie miglia I am Leeds by the way

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