The Seagull Love Review issue 23 is available to buy at the Bournemouth match tomorrow. You can track down a seller under the railway bridge on Tongdean Lane, or outside the South and East Stand turnstiles.

In keeping with the fantastic season we’re having so far, TSLR 23 is a bumper issue full of great writing, as both the team’s form and the fanzine quality are fully symbiotic; for one little pound you can have 30 minutes of top class entertainment at the match, or later sat on the bog. As usual yours truly has a column along with the other regular malcontents.

If you can’t be at the game, the TSLR boys will have issue 23 and back issues available to buy online on their excellent blog site.


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2 Responses to “TSLR 23”

  1. tomysupercup Says:

    Brilliant article in TSLR 23. Made me lol.

  2. The Hovian Says:

    Cheers, I’m off for a short back ‘n’ sides this morning, in a BARBER SHOP

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