Winter Wonder Hove


That was some snowfall last night eh? I was like a little ‘un this morning trying to get out into it. I took the trouble and my trusty Lumix over to St. Ann’s Wells Gardens, it was like Narnia. All the schools were closed and the kids and their mums and dads were sledging and arsing about in the foot-deep snow. You don’t get too many days like these in Sussex by the sea, so you’ve got to make the most of them.

I was decked out in a pair of very old hiking boots I bought years ago in China, my trusty Stone Island ice jacket, and a brand new Weir Bobble Hat by my good pals over at Casual Connoisseur. More snow forecast tomorrow, I’ll be very surprised if there’s a match at Withdean this Saturday. Who cares when there’s so much snow about to play in?


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3 Responses to “Winter Wonder Hove”

  1. Jon Says:

    Good pics. My mum sent some to me very similar to this just minutes ago. So rarely see it in Hove! I have to ask though: what were you doing in China? Right now, I’m not too far from there meself…

  2. The Hovian Says:

    I went travelling there, then on to Tibet and back, awesome place

  3. Jason. Says:

    love the Stone Island Ice jacket

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