Fugue for a Monday morning


This morning I’m off to the gym to throw a few weights around, I’m in a bit of a bad mood, so the best thing to listen to is, oddly enough, The Fall. Not many people would think of The Fall as gym iPod music, but I find Mark E Smith’s mysanthropic howl the perfect accompaniment to an angry weights session.

I got into The Fall late, around 1996, it coincided with my first year at university, and I took to them with the full weight of cod-angst that seems to inflict all those who initially take up full-time education. Yes, I was a student bellend. But, since then, I have grown to love MES and his ever-changing line-up of musicians with all my heart. They are truly rock ‘n’ roll, and by that I don’t mean they wear spandex and drive limos into hotel pools; The Fall are as raw as the day they started in 1976, they will never sell out.

‘Kicker Conspiracy’ is not the best Fall song by a long way, but the video above is interesting for couple of reasons – it’s (nominally – all Smith’s lyrics are arcane) about football hooliganism, and it was filmed at Turf Moor in 1983, giving you an idea how real football grounds used to look in the golden days before the Premier League, prawn sandwiches, and Sky Television. As one commenter on YouTube succinctly puts it “smith has predicted how the world will turn out”

Plastic, Slime, Partitions, Cocktail, Zig-Zag, Tudor Bar.
Pat McGatt. Pat McGatt, the very famous sports reporter is
FANS! ! ! Remember, you are abroad!
Remember the police are rough!
Remember the unemployed!
Remember my expense account!


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