FC United of Manchester 0 – 4 Albion


We finally got past our non-league opponents, but it took two replays to beat Woking, then FCUM. At least we did it with a bit of style tonight at Gigg Lane, Bury. I watched this game in my local, two screens one side of the bar had the Abion match on, and the two on the other side had the Arsenal Champions League game. There were 20-30 watching our lot, and two blokes sneaked in after twenty minutes to watch the Arsenal. 30-2 to grassroots football then. Cosmic.

Elliott Bennett was brilliant tonight, he more than made up for his penalty miss in the first game, man of the match. So it’s Pompey next in round three, that is a winnable game for me, I’m looking forward to hosting the skates at Withers. Game on.


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2 Responses to “FC United of Manchester 0 – 4 Albion”

  1. glasfryn Says:

    amazing the game was even on, good result and watching it thought that Liam Bridcutt is very underrated.
    another of Gus’s wonder buys
    onwards and upwards ……oops we can’t go any further up can we other than in to the championship

    good feeling ………………….no?


  2. The Hovian Says:

    Yeah, a good win mate, sterner test this Satder though – if it’s on of course


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