A casual buy no. 29


This year I’ve been slowly putting weight on, to the point where some of my regular jeans are getting a tad tight around the arse and thigh. It’s even spread to my neck, I tried a couple of shirts on and found it uncomfortable to do the top button up, not good that.

I’ve decided to go on a pre-Xmas starvation diet, and recently I went cyber-hunting for loose and over-sized raw denim, just in case I fall back into bad habits. Seriously though, I was well into the ‘baggy’  look back in 88-90, shaking my big goofy strides to the funky drummer beat, so I really wanted a good pair of proper loose fit jeans, for old time’s sake.

First (and usually last) stop for high quality jeanage is Japanese denim experts Edwin. I did a bit of research, asked a few bods in the know, searched online for photos, then stockists, and went for this pair of Edwin ‘Waynesville’. Taking time sussing out information on a hard-to-find item, from forums, the odd online phot, clothing junkie tips on blogs etc invariably pays off when you’re after clobber that isn’t available on the High Street. You need to have an idea of sizing and fit before you buy, as you can’t try the  stuff on beforehand. So, when the postman dropped these Waynesvilles off a fortnight ago they were perfect. A quick jump into the shower with them on to flush out the excess indigo and on they went.

I love the crisp, rough feeling of raw selvedge denim jeans, especially during their first few wears, you’re taming the material, giving it memory with every crease your body makes in them. These initial creases will stay with them forever, and with repeated wear the indigo will fade uniquely to your body shape – uniqueness, the paramount goal in this casual thing of ours.


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6 Responses to “A casual buy no. 29”

  1. john Says:

    what site did you get them from and do they fit to size ie when they say the waist size is it bang on

    • The Hovian Says:

      More or less TTS. They are a 36L 34W. The waist size is pretty spot on, maybe a tad larger than other Edwin. They are higher in the rise, lots of room around the seat, and the legs are overlong – unless you’re extremely tall a regular leg will be ok


  2. Thom Says:

    Hello there! I’m on the verge of buying a pair of these Edwin.
    I was wondering how you got on with them?
    Did you wash them? If so , any chance of a photo update?


    • The Hovian Says:

      They’re still going strong, haven’t washed them yet – I only wear them once a week, so they might not get a wash until next year.

      Already nice fading around the crotch and back pockets, and a bit of whiskering on the upper thigh


  3. Thom Says:

    Thanks for the reply!

    By the way, interesting blog you have here.

    Nice one!

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