A casual buy no. 30


I managed to capture this Christmassy scene above while walking though the park near my home in Hove. I stopped to take a shot of my new Penfield Sanford bobble hat, and Bambi’s muckers came out to say hello.

The Sanford hat is a truly iconic piece of headwear, unmistakable. I’m not a great wearer of hats, but with the weather being the way it’s been lately, a good woolly head cosy is the only way forward. Just a word of warning, the Sanford is rather large, if you don’t like to be noticed, buy summat else.

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2 Responses to “A casual buy no. 30”

  1. Rich Morris Says:

    I have almost the same ski hat, but mainly white with less red and blue. Wore it to Withdean a few times last season and got laughed at. They know not what they say…

    • The Hovian Says:

      Only a herd animal mocks the idiosyncracies of the truly individual. Anyway, I bet your head was warmer than those who were laughing at your hattage.

      Welcome to the blog

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