Albion 4 – 0 Plymouth


"Cheer up Peter Reid"

A workmanlike performance tonight, nothing flash or owt, against a Plymouth Argyle team with more on their minds than a Tuesday night match at Withdean. The most important thing is that there’s clear blue daylight between us and Bournemuff again.

I feel sorry for Argyle, there’s a lot of clubs I dislike more than the boys from the western scrag-end of Britain. The usually agitated and interested Peter Reid was nowhere to be seen, never putting his head out of the away dugout, who would envy his job now? Not me.

As for the game, 4-0 maybe flattered us a tad, Plymouth worked hard in the second half to close down our back four’s tip-tapping, and it nearly paid off for them. But even the most diehard Albionite would say our goals were not spectacular, like I said – workmanlike. That said  we did well, and a few players caught the eye. Liam Bridcutt is in great form at present, as is Marcos Painter. Wood got a soft goal and made way for the lively Noone in the second period. Fran Sandaza’s supersub goal was good value too, but man of the match was two-goal Glenn Murray, another masterclass of holding up play and clinical finishing from the big man.

So, not a great game regardless of the final score, but most Albion fans will feel sorry for Argyle, I hope they stay up, but it doesn’t look good.

The Hovian’s Team performance : 8 out 10

The Hovian’s Man of the Match : Glenn Murray

Attendance: 7261 (254 Plymouth)

Npower League One table
Tuesday, 22 February 2011 21:59 UK
    P GD PTS
1 Brighton 29 34 59
2 Bournemouth 32 22 55

3 Huddersfield 31 15 52
4 Peterborough 31 7 50
5 Southampton 29 23 49
6 MK Dons 33 -2 49

7 Charlton 29 6 47
8 Oldham 32 4 46
9 Colchester 31 -1 45
10 Rochdale 29 8 44
11 Leyton Orient 29 9 43
12 Carlisle 30 7 42
13 Exeter 31 -6 42
14 Hartlepool 31 -14 41
15 Brentford 30 -4 39
16 Sheff Wed 30 2 37
17 Tranmere 30 -5 37
18 Notts County 27 0 35
19 Yeovil 30 -15 33
20 Swindon 32 -13 31

21 Walsall 32 -18 30
22 Bristol R 31 -28 30
23 Dag & Red 29 -12 29
24 Plymouth 32 -19 23

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5 Responses to “Albion 4 – 0 Plymouth”

  1. Gaviota Says:

    I slightly disagree that it flattered us. Exactly as with Hartlepool, we took our foot off the gas a bit when the game was already up, so they had a lot more possession. But when Sandaza came on and livened the strike force up again, we notched another one.

    And as for spectacular? I thought Murray’s second, the third goal, was an absolute ripper. I agree with your thoughts on Argyle, though. Can only hope they come through their present problems.

  2. The Hovian Says:

    To be fair I missed Murray’s second as people were trying to get back to their seats after the break.

    Cheers for the comment

  3. glasfryn Says:

    the league table is looking a bit more normal now and I can only sympathize with the Plymouth plight but we have been there too and they are one of those clubs you cannot dislike(my foot doctor supports them and played briefly for them in goal years ago) and as he said to me when our problems match what the Albion went through then he will start moaning ,he is a nice guy.
    the great news of the day was that Alan Navarro is sub tonight for the reserves ……….now that is something to celebrate.
    on my own moving problems,the light at the end of the tunnel is now 100w and I can almost feel the heat from it.


  4. glasfryn Says:



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