Build Another Bonfire


Build a Bonfire, the must-read but currently out-of-print book about the Goldstone Ground fiasco is being reprinted this summer. The chaps over at the Build a Bonfire reprint website are bringing out a verbatim paperback copy, with added words from North Stand Chat, the Albion’s biggest and best independent fan forum.

I’ve been looking for a cheap copy of the original for ages, best price for a dog-eared edition on Amazon is £50 (whoosh). This is a great idea and a timely production, so all the new faces in the stands at Falmer in August should know exactly what the club and it’s long-suffering fans went through in the dark days of the mid-1990s. The first run will be only 2000 copies, you can sign up for the pre-order here.


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2 Responses to “Build Another Bonfire”

  1. Jason Heaver Says:

    Finally! A timely reminder, in case people start thinking it’s ever going to be easy, of exactly where we’ve come from and what it’s taken to get us where we’re going to be next season.

  2. glasfryn Says:

    even now I read the odd chapter and it makes me fume.
    its well written and in some places very funny.


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