Meet Foul Paulo


Paulo and pals enjoying an alternative day out at the match

It’s shameless plug time here at Hovian Towers. Foul Paulo is a very good pal of mine from Stirling in Scotland; apart from being well into his football and good clothing, he’s also a very accomplished musical artist. Paulo’s been making music since the early noughties, and his signature style is chopping up and sampling vinyl, taking inspiration from such wide ranging artists as Daft Punk, DJ Premier and The RZA. But it was hearing the freaked out sounds of Timbaland in the 1990s that first got him hooked and wanting to make some beats of his own.

At present Paulo is currently working on projects with other musicians in both the USA and UK, and is trying to get his stuff out there and make a big footprint in the UK electronic scene. I’ve heard his stuff and love it, so without further ado, please click on his SoundCloud link, where you can get FREE downloads of Paulo’s latest tunes. When you’ve done that, like his Facebook page, and follow him on both Twitter and YouTube.

At the minute Paulo’s just happy to get his music out there, but some time in the future there should be commercial releases, that’s why I’m helping to raise his profile, because he’s a nice guy, not just a talented one. So, if you like it, play it and tell people about it, he’s definitely my sound of the coming summer.



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