A casual buy no. 37


Summer is teasing us, even down here on the naturally sunny south coast. She’s been hiding for most of June, and peeks out shyly from behind her veil once in a while. The upshot of this is I’m still wearing gear that usually gets aired in April before being stored away until October. A lot of dressers prefer the colder months, they get to wear more clothes, and thats what makes them happy after all. I’m not of that school, I love the heat, the jugs of Pimms, ice creams, polos, sunnys and shorts etc.

I haven’t picked up much from CP Company in a good while now. I’m a huge fan of SPW (the Bologna company that owns both CP and Stone Island), but have been buying more Stone Island, because more of that arm of the Italian dynasty has been catching my eye. But I wanted shorts, and although I love SI outerwear, I don’t really go for their bottom half stuff – the compass doesn’t look right on your arse I think. I’m also wary of cargo shorts, scruffy things with big map pockets, D-rings and all that other nonsense. Loads of good labels seem to have succumbed to this trend, but luckily CP Company haven’t. Wearing shorts shouldn’t mean you let yourself go, perhaps on the beach you can, but around town shorts need to be smart, and these are very smart indeed.


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