The ‘zine scene


As a sometime contributor to currently Brighton’s one and only fanzine – The Seagull Love Review – I’m also someone who loves these rags, a bit of a fanzine anorak if you like (I’m not always around to contribute my written shite to the TSLR editors, not because I’m a lazy twat, I just happen to work abroad a lot). From the legendary The End (anyone have an original edition of this BTW? I’m willing to pay through the nose for it) and Boy’s Own, to the obscure, the badly written, and even the glossy bigheads of today like United We Stand, you could say I’m a big fan of the fanzines.

The Albion has had many fanzines over the years, some more successful than others, but during the insanity of the Archer/Bellotti scandal of 1995-1997, Albion fanzine writers had tons of rich material to choose from for their lampoonery and ridicule, although I’m sure each and every one of them would have jacked it all in to keep the Goldstone Ground as it was.

I bought this selection of old Brighton fanzines on eBay, they were 80 pence each, a steal to be fair. And Smith Must Score from 1988 is cheap and amateurish, making it my favourite rag, but then across the country football fanzines were still in their infancy at this time, so this old dog-eared A4 edition, rusty staples and all, is really a historical social document, all for 80p, that’s just fucking amazing.

The writing really gets going during the slow death of the Goldstone, and this period in Albion fanzine history sees Gull’s Eye, On The Up, then Seaside Saga going great guns against the fiasco gripping the club. It’s painful reading at times, but the writing is fantastic. Fanzines by their very nature are not strict, objective journalism, they’re written by fan(atic)s, so the anger and hatred of Archer and his henchman Bellotti is from the very heart; again this is stuff of legend, and each ‘zine cost me less than a ‘quality’ daily broadsheet. Stick that in your Independent.

So, I’m probably spoiling my chances now on eBay of bidding just the once for more copies of these brilliant old ‘zines, but you should have a look on there and pick up a copy or two, because as Bob Marley said: “In this bright future you can’t forget your past”.


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3 Responses to “The ‘zine scene”

  1. Darren Says:

    There’s some fab stuff in our rich fanzine past.

    One project we want to get off the ground is to scan, index and upload them all so future generations can easily revisit those darker times. Nomatter where we get to in the coming years, people shouldn’t forget where we’ve come from.

  2. ben bayram Says:

    got a nice selection of these going on ebay in the next few days

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