Burgess Hill 0 – 3 Albion


First match report of the 2011-12 season, it won’t be much of a report, more of a “look at me phots!”. Nice little ground is Leylands Park. Sometimes you’ve got to envy non-league football; grounds where you can take a pint out and watch the match, no police to be seen, and you can eat a homemade ham salad bap wrapped in cellophane and purchased from a tent.

Nice to see the new faces at the club. Goals from Barnes, Noone (pen) and Hoskins against a game Hill side. You obviously can’t tell much from what is basically a practice match, but I’ll crack on anyway. Rowland Bergkamp looks the part, big and muscular, but has the touch of a rapist. Great to see Alan Navarro start, very slim-looking and fizzing the ball around like he’s never been away. Buckley was a bit messy, and both Craig Mackail-Smith and Will Hoskins looked menacing. CMS is a strong looking boy, and I can’t wait to see him getting amongst Championship defenders this season. There were a couple of other new boys/trialists but none stood out for me to be honest, so I’ll reserve judgement for the Tottenham game.

So, a nice afternoon out, wetting the appetite for Spurs on the 30th and then the league proper. As for that new away kit – nay, nay and thrice nay. Cheers.


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4 Responses to “Burgess Hill 0 – 3 Albion”

  1. glasfryn Says:

    nice soft start.

  2. The Hovian Says:

    Sure thing G, hope you’re enjoying the summer. I’m in 2 minds about heading over to Worthing tomorrow night for the Horsham game. I might sneak out when the missus isn’t looking


  3. glasfryn Says:

    I’m telling.
    on another tack theres a really bright light at the end of the relocation tunnel and if everything goes OK we will sell for an OK price.


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