Albion 3 – 1 Horsham


Uninspiring 'Hornet' mascot makes his rounds of the A2B

A pleasant evening’s football in the leafy suburbs of BN14, where you find yourself weaving through parked Range Rovers and BMWs to arrive at the footballing hotbed that is the A2B Stadium, Woodside Road. No swally for me at this one, as it was a school night and I drove over to Worthing.

The A2B is cosy, and with 1100+ spectators there, including a slack handful of middle-aged sad acts down from Horsham singing in front of their green and yellow banner, it had a bit more of an atmosphere than Sunday in Burgess Hill. Horsham are a better side than the Hillians too, and the Albion had to work for an hour before finally breaking down the part-timers with the addition of the phenomenal Craig Noone to the match.

Not for tall people: the turnstiles

Best players of the first half were all to be found in midfield, especially Navarro (he spoiled that performance with a lamentable effort at the start of the second spell, perhaps he’s not 100% match fit after all?), Buckley, and the superb Sparrow. Big Rowland was miles better too, putting himself about and showing a better touch, but he missed a free header from 5 yards out in the second half, he worries me, a lot.

The not unimpressive A2B Stadium, Worthing FC

It was still 0-0 in the second half when Navarro gave away the ball cheaply, and Horsham scored a well-earned goal. Poyet had seen enough when he nearly did the same thing two minutes later, and he substituted 11 players. No Mackail-Smith or Hoskins at the game, so chances for Torbjorn Agdestein (a dream for commentators this coming season I’m sure), and George Barker to shine. The star of the show was the irrepressible Craig Noone. Non-league players can’t live with his speed and touch, and he turned the game seconds after coming on.  Nooney made one for Agdestein to bundle over the line, scored one for himself, and Barker scored the third, goodnight Irene. Mild grumbles among the chain-smoking and pint-swilling faithful soon turned to mild applause and appreciation, and I was really gagging for a shant myself when the 90 were up.

Albion lay siege to the Hornets' 'slightly pissed' goal in the first half

This is my last pre-season match before Spurs, no Portugal this year, but hopefully the club will get their finger out and have an East Stand season ticket holder’s open night at Falmer (they’ve done the North & West Upper Stand open nights already), so I can get my arse on my new padded seat and take a few phots for the blog. Cheers.

"What are you looking at?" 'Lurch' gets a game in goal for Horsham

Don't rub them Rowland, count them

Buckley delivers

Ballboy not overly interested in the Gary Dicker short corner technique

Will Buckley has a go, equally unfussed ballboy off camera

The shortest 'vent arshal' in the Isthmian League, or any league

I feel a Half Man Half Biscuit song coming on

Second half and the A2B transforms into the Stadium of Light

Nooney is so fast he can't be photographed unblurred

Gratuitous floodlight p0rn

Beautiful Worthing at dusk


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2 Responses to “Albion 3 – 1 Horsham”

  1. Jon Says:

    Thanks for the pics, mate. Good stuff. Please take lotsa shots at the new stadium. Am working away and sadly missing all the fun.

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